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  1. Irizarry3116

    Hello from Arizona

    Wickenburg. :) I hope to make some appearances in parades with Jack to get him used to the noise and movements. I will have to walk him through, but most likely a great way to introduce him to a bunch of things.
  2. Irizarry3116

    Hello From Arizona

    Welcome. My mini will eventually be alone in my backyard too. Not ideal, but has other animal friends. And a LOT of people attention. I can't wait to being my new mini "home".
  3. Irizarry3116

    Hello from Arizona

    Meet Jack Daniels. :) Just waiting for transport for this little yearling. Cannot wait! Let there be JOY!
  4. Irizarry3116

    Hello from Arizona

    Thank you for accepting me into what looks like a good group. I am currently in the process of looking for 2 gelding minis with either groundwork started or experience with driving singles. I am just getting back to horses after taking time off for about 6 years. I had back and neck fusions...