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    Help with kicking

    Horses are not in general, approached from behind. That the kicking direction. Horses can and will bite too but an apple wafer presented say once in five visits, sets up a presumption to present their nose. In the last twenty years, I have been bitten once. I had a nervous horse at the gate...
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    Fun Horse Facts

    Another random fact. Paints can have a solid body color, but pintos must have white patches
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    Grooming question

    Human urine is nearly sterile and I expect horse urine is sterile too - so that should not be a cause for concern.
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    Why do 2 my horses have visable spine and hip bones...

    That does not look like a skinny horse to me. No hollow between ribs & hips. No vally each side of spine?? Still I am not there. Alfalfa and add soaked beetroot to supercharge it - maybe add oats too?
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    Farm Gate

    I hear you but I want to give fire fighters plenty of slack: they put their lives on the line at times, for zero payment outside of cities in the US
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    Farm Gate

    The only practical access to my horse is through a 15 ft farm gate. This fell off its hinges some time ago, and so I tied the hinge side up with rope pro temp. It is now too rickety to open without risking a fall. The landowner mentioned the local volunteer fire service may have played apart in...
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    Smallest Sheltie?

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    Working at the Polls

    The dead man won 86% of the vote. The vote proceeded as required by state law. Cannot stop the presses to reprint the ballot forms after a candidate dies there.
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    Show them this ad, and ask them to get salt in, perhaps...
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    Mineralized salt blocks are normally left out in the weather (but not in water) because they are rain resistant.
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    Online is not the way to buy big blocks - stores with farm supplies, like Atwoods, Tractor Supply will sell 40 or 50 lb mineralized blocks under $10 - BUT they are HEAVY! though they last many months put down outside.
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    Why would a person buy sixth the amount, for twice the price? Convenience, possibly?
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    I expect you meant a 40 pound block?
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    Trail Camera

    Likely right - though there are a number of Warblers with regional names somewhat similar - like the one named by Audubon - the Macgillivray Warbler
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    Time To Get Hay In

    I think of big round bales as about 1000 lb
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    Time To Get Hay In

    With day temperatures falling to the 80s in October, I started to cast around for hay. I called my local hay farmer, recalling big bales were $80 last year. Today she quoted $200. I was really shocked. I have been doing rehab exercises at a hospital over the border in Texas, and the folks there...
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    What color is he?

    Take your pick!
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    Trail Camera

    If this question was directed to me - I cannot say I have used zeolytes though I know they are used in ion-exchange columns to filter water and extract contaminants.
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    Trail Camera

    My horse contracted EPM. The statistics are not encouraging. By some accounts, mortality is about 50% with behavioral deficits in survivors. I could not support the state-lab suggested treatment at $1000, so I ordered the available treatment drug from China. Meanwhile, I tried fenbendazole...
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    Reiki, Distant Healing, Energy Work

    Interesting! Does she favor Reiki, or acupuncture, or touch therapy, EFT tapping, somatic experiencing, or polarity balancing, or chakra balancing , or crystal healing? Some of these modalities are getting into the mainstream,.