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  1. Kelly

    Plus 1 🤣

    After a heated discussion yesterday between Bentley and Stormy I am finally able to turn Bentley out with the dynamic duo. Bentley thought he should be in charge, but Stormy wasn’t giving up his pasture to a 2 yo. 🤣 Bentley finally knows his place in the herd, which is at the bottom. I am glad...
  2. Kelly

    I Need Help in Decision About Keeping My Mini

    I would do the testing again to ensure he is indeed a gelding. If he is a gelding, then this is suppose to be fun. If I’m not having fun then I would reevaluate and make the necessary changes. I don’t have any girls at the moment, but my boys do play rough and mount each other during play. My...
  3. Kelly

    HPR 2023 Foals!

    How did I miss this 🤦🏻‍♀️ beautiful babies! Congratulations!! They are just gorgeous ♥️♥️
  4. Kelly

    Wheee! Driving hours 2023

    Can’t wait to see that, sounds like a blast! 🥳
  5. Kelly

    Meet Kingsley

    Awe how exciting! Mint must be thrilled to have a friend again 😍 glad you finally found one. He is just darling, love him! ♥️♥️
  6. Kelly


    I meet up with my friend Julie and her horse Hollee at Cobb Park. Unfortunately we couldn’t drive there because there were stray dogs, 4 of them were pit bulls and one a German Shepherd. Julie ended up taking the black German Shepherd and we called animal control on the pit bulls. We left and...
  7. Kelly

    Some photos

    Much better picture of the two old farts! 🤣😍😍😍♥️♥️ Bob, dear old father in law, 81 & Riffics 24 in just a couple of weeks 😍😍♥️♥️♥️
  8. Kelly

    Plus 1 🤣

    Bentley visits Atwoods! I can’t believe how well Bentley did today at Atwoods! He handled it like a little champ. Lots of people petting him, so many scary things to see, weird noises, and different smells. I am so proud of him, he is going to make a fantastic trail horse, he has a really good...
  9. Kelly

    The Funnies!

  10. Kelly

    Plus 1 🤣

    Oh… and not only did I find “the one”… I think he found his “person” too!! I took this video yesterday of him napping in my lap, oh my heart! ♥️ PS. Yes, he sleeps with his eyes open! He even snores with his eyes open 🤣
  11. Kelly

    Plus 1 🤣

    Oh I thought you’d never ask 😜 I took Bentley to the vet this morning. I went to load him in the van and I was shocked that he jumped right in! I guess all he needed was a little food motivation. Hubby was there to help but was also surprised he loaded so well. I will be working more on loading...
  12. Kelly

    New farm!

    How exciting! Congrats 🥳🥳
  13. Kelly

    How's the Weather ?

    Wow! That is a lot of snow!🤪 Today rain and 80 degrees. Tonight is 39! I am thinking these next couple of days will be our last cold snap. The highs will be in the 50s and the lows in the 30s, then warming back up again! Everything is blooming here too, finally spring! After this last cold...
  14. Kelly

    My donkey friends

    How can you stand the wait!??? I get so impatient!! I am really not good at waiting!!🤣🤣
  15. Kelly

    Plus 1 🤣

    Thank y’all! 😍😍 I have finally decided on his name. His official unregistered name is: Diesels Zoom Zoom Bentley Barn name: Bentley The craziest thing is that I was going to pass on him. I saw his add, told hubby about him and then had the lady measure him. On my search I have also learned to...
  16. Kelly

    Plus 1 🤣

    I saw this little dude and just couldn’t pass him up! He is a 2 year old, should mature around 36 inches tall and has 2 blue eyes! What did I ever do before this pony?? I’m sooooo in LOVE!! And! And he has green on his nose for St. Paddy’s 🍀 According to his previous owner, his favorite pastime...
  17. Kelly

    How's the Weather ?

    86 here today, not to rub it in, but I’ve been wearing shorts all day 🥳
  18. Kelly

    The Funnies!

  19. Kelly

    New Puppy

    The other day I thought something was wrong with Gray Kitty! I called my neighbor all freaked out. Gray Kitty wouldn’t walk on her hind legs she was just squatting along. My neighbor told me not to touch her and of course we were both thinking the worse. My neighbor being a vet was thinking she...
  20. Kelly


    The white orchid flowers are the only blooms that have fully opened, the others are still working on it. The yellow has two stems of blooms!