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  1. candycar

    Is this grain old??

    I don't get that kind, but it may be old. Now you know why it was on sale! You can call or email Purina and ask how long the shelf life is. They might also be interested that one of their clients is selling "old" feed .
  2. candycar

    Horse Box

    Best pic I have. Fitted this to haul my mini but never did. Too scarry to haul in a single axel trailer and by the time we needed to move horses we had too many to fit! Used plexiglass & aluminum U channel for the sliding windows. Also made a front barrier to keep mini from moving too far...
  3. candycar

    Crafting in 2022

    I think it'll work if you really want to frustrate your horse, or not let him get any grass at all. He may pull that snowflake apart and get it stuck in his teeth. I use the same type and that hole isn't that big considering the small amount of grass that they can actually access through it. :)
  4. candycar

    Crafting in 2022

    I have rediscovered the joy of decoupage.
  5. candycar

    Suggestions For Giving My Mini Medication

    My suggestion: Tie him short to a solid post and keep using the syringe. Give a good treat after. I have to give mine meds every day too. I use the syringe w/ molasses water. By the time he's done with the meds he'll be trained to take it. Good Luck! :)
  6. candycar

    Help naming my farm!

    Fiddlers Dell
  7. candycar


    I have loose white salt (cheap at about $5per 50 lb bag) Also one of those "deer "salt rocks, or Himalayan rocks. They love all three kinds. Also you should provide loose minerals. They love and need those too.
  8. candycar

    Hello from Western NC!

    OOH! Nice! have fun!
  9. candycar

    New farm!

    Great! You'll love it and make it your own. I remember when we got our dream farm-ett 8 years ago. Still making improvements and loving every minute!.
  10. candycar

    Some photos

    I always heard that horse weight tapes aren't accurate for minis. There are formulas you can use to get a weight. They used to be on the Lil beginnings forum in the info pages.
  11. candycar

    Annie got out!

    I know I'm late to the party, but the vet site I watch always says to soak/ice their feet as much as you can for the 1st 24 hours if laminitis is a concern. Keeping the feet cold is the key to prevention of laminitis.
  12. candycar

    Alfalfa pellets

    Standlee pellets weigh 4oz per cup. Most pellets I've tried weigh about the same per cup.
  13. candycar

    Footing for Paddock

    When my pea gravel travels outside the fence, I use the leaf blower to shoot it back. Fast & easy. I also love to rake the lot, it's very "zen" for me :)
  14. candycar

    Footing for Paddock

    The best affordable method is GEO textile and pea gravel. If you can, get some mats to feed hay on. It will last for years, is easy to poo pick, doesn't freeze solid and is good for hooves. I was lucky that my farm had the GEO textile and limestone gravel already. All I had to do was...
  15. candycar

    Trail Camera

    It may be a Sagebrush Sparrow. That's all I could figure out. ;) Helpful Identification guide at Identify a bird by its location, size, and color
  16. candycar

    Aside from being Cute!

    Jelly Bean: Mean Bean Lexy: Regal Queen Rock E: Rocky Roid or Rocky Road CoCo Puff: Round & Sweet
  17. candycar

    Trail Camera

    I think the little bird(before the flickers) is a Dark Eyed Junco. We had one at our suet feeder last winter and had to look it up because I've never seen one before.
  18. candycar

    Need to Vent. Many colics, no answers

    Current diet for all is: hay 3X a day, 1 hour pasture and 1cup(4oz) timothy/alfalfa pellets w ground flax & Remission (laminitis prevention). LOL! They get fed 5 times a day! It keeps me busy and out of trouble :D
  19. candycar

    Need to Vent. Many colics, no answers

    He's been doing wonderful! Thanks for asking! After his month long stall rest, Thankfully it was winter. I'd hate to do it in summer.. I did finally get him on a regular diet. It took about 4 months of slowly introducing hay and pasture again. Lots of math involved ! We haven't had a colic...
  20. candycar

    15 fun facts about donkeys

    My DH wants a donkey so the mule has someone to play with. I'd love one but only have 4 corners in the barn for feeding LOL! Also I'm not sure he'd want it so much if it was an often brayer. I can hear the one across the creek about a mile away! My rooster is bad enough. :)