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    Merry Chistmas Marty, Jerry and Dan

    Just thinking of you on this difficult day for your family. Lots of Love and positive thoughts coming your way for the whole family. Michael is with each of you in your hearts. Sherrie
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    Anyone else hate the Mall?

    Hi Marty I am not a mall person either. More importantly it sounds as though you had a wonderful family day no matter what you did. Lots of love : Sherrie
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    Just got back from funeral home

    Thank you so much for sharing what went on. Marty and the family have been on my mind all day, such a difficult time for them. It is so hard for so many of us to be so far away. Thanks for including us.
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    I spoke with Marty this afternoon

    I spoke with Marty this evening. I told her how much she is loved by so many people from all over the world and that we would all be " with" her on Tuesday. She was vey touched that so many cared. I said I would call her later in the week and she was most appreciative. I am sure she would...
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    Somebody murdered my son Michael tonite

    Oh dear Marty - lots of love and strength to you and Jerry at this terrible time. As you know Michael will always be in your heart and he would want you to take care of yourself. Sherrie
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    Happy Valentines Day to You Guys from..........

    Happy Valentine's Day to you Timmy : A very Happy Birthday to your mom Marty too : Hope you both have a wonderful day.
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    Tiny update not such good news :(

    Sorry to hear that Kay. Positive thoughts and I am sure the Doctors at OSU are on top of it.
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    Which logo would you pick for me?

    Marty the first horse looks like it is prancing like your name, the second horse looks a little wild. I would put Nicks colors on the first one. Both are excellent.
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    Happy Birthday Mary Lou!

    Happy Birthday Mary Lou. : Hope you have a wonderful and memorable day. : Thank you for all you allow us to enjoy and learn through this wonderful site. : Sherrie
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    Merry Christmas Marty. Jerry and David sure found the perfect gift for you. You and LaTush will get along just fine. Jump right in and have some fun.
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    Cataract Implant Surgery

    I had cataract surgery on both eyes about 6 month ago and am still adjusting to not having to wear glasses. That is a procedure where they remove your cloudy lense and replace it with a clear lense. The astigmatism in one eye does require some correction but for the most part simple reading...
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    The loss of a special little one is devasting for those who love their animals. Special thoughts and strength for you at this time and please know you have done all you could, and Donte is with you always.
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    Marty, lets see - a couple of weeks ago we did the community Thanksgiving dinner for about 600 folks, then last Saturday we had the tree lighting so Santa would know where to come and tomorrow Santa flies in on a helicopter and we have a parade through the village, then next week is the...
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    Secret Hills I am so glad you enjoyed your gifts. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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    I just couldn't help myself

    Thanks Marty, what a beatiful poem - you are so gifted and generous.
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    Today's candid pics, just hanging out

    They sure look happy and relaxed in their new barn. What lovely pictures. Timmy sure is full of life and mischief. Thanks for the smile.
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    Lilhorseladie thank you so much for the box of "goodies" it is just perfect. Your thought of packing "snow" in the box is a cute idea but it probably would have melted by the time it got to California. Sherrie
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    any ideas to help this stupid burn

    Hi Deb - I have found Aloe Vera helpful for deep burns, I take the leaf of the plant and rub it on the burn. As for the tummy, I am battling tummy problems due to Doctor prescribed large doses of motrin,tylenol and heavy antibotics for abscessed tooth. I have found that Carafate helps heal...
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    Dimimore needs our prayers today

    Deb so sorry this happened but you will recover. Dr. Pam is right on. It is the aftercare that is of utmost importance. I am sure your doctor has talked with you about antibiotics that may be appropriate (politically correct). Lots of love and hugs and please take care.
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    Thank You REO for undertaking this big "project". It is not an easy task and your efforts are appreciated.