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    Your Drive Day

    It's getting hot here and I would like to either drive in the morning or evening. The other morning, I drove my pony on the long lines and he was fine for about 5 min. then got testy. I want to work with him a little in the morning and evening ground driving to get him used to going out at...
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    Best Place to Buy a Cart

    I bought a new brand new EZ entry cart at Fairview Country Sales in Millersburg, Ohio for around $500. You can get it cutomized if you like. They also have used vehicles for sale. I bought a bridle from Chimacum Tack (Shoutout to Janie) and I absolutely love it. One day, I plan to replace my...
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    Horses licking maple tree

    I'm glad I read this blog. I wasn't sure if acorns were toxic til I read it here. I don't let him graze near that tree anymore.
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    Horses licking maple tree

    Good to know. I hadn't realized that other trees are so toxic. We have oaks and red maples here as well. In fact, we have a huge oak right next to our barn. I'll have to be more conscious of the leaves. Thanks for the info.
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    Horses licking maple tree

    I thought it was the wild cherry tree wilted leaves that were highly toxic. (in Western PA) anyway. My vet's advice was that normally horses won't go after the leaves if they have something better to eat.
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    Spring grazing advice

    I got mine on-line at Just For Ponies. I think it is a Tough 1 but they seem to cater to just smaller equines.
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    Beet Pulp

    I loved your story! These days everybody needs a good laugh and you surely provided one. I was still thinking about it today although I read it yesterday. Sounds like your house is a fun and exciting place to be.
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    Crafting for minis or other animals?

    You are very talented. The hat and other blanket, breast collar and crupper are very pretty.
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    I agree with Dragon Hill. I've never known a horse that didn't poo while in a trailer. Kind of like why babies fall asleep in a car.
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    Harnesses for A sized minis

    I bought my wonderful bridle from Chimacum Tack. Another full-proof method of keeping your bridle on is to braid the forelock to the mane over the crown piece. I did that it I got my new Bridle.
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    Harnesses for A sized minis

    I'm using an older used harness but bought a wonderful new bridle and everything goes together well. I feel good about the bridle because it can't fall off. I had an incident while out driving that my pony shook off his bridle. I was able to stop him and put it back on. Thank God he's a well...
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    Bot flies?? and goopy eyes

    "Slick and Easy" stones are really good for just shedding them out. Bot eggs are easy enough to remove with them. Some horses don't like the rough feel but most do.
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    Drive Me Buggy 2020 Hours

    My husband and I went driving Saturday for a few hours. We hadn't been out at all in August due to the heat. Where we live, there are very few people who drive. Someone took our Peanut's (real name Dynamite - don't like it) picture, we got thumbs up and we had someone stop to look at him. It...
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    Snake visitor

    Amen to that!!!!
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    Snake visitor

    Last year the day after my husband cut hay, I was getting our horse out of his stall when a 5 foot black snake fell out of the rafters into the stall. I had the horse half way out. Guess who panicked? Yep, it was me. It didn't seem to bother the horse at all. After we got him out, we...
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    Some photos

    The picture looks like it was professionally taken and Midnight is gorgeous!
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    Anyone use Ultrashield Green on a baby?

    My vet told me to use a spot-on for fly protection for the eyes. I just apply it behind the ears and down along the mane. It works pretty well. I don't use the whole tube. I save it for the next time he needs it. As well as flies in the pasture, my guy was particularly bothered with flies...
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    Sorry about the beans. So many factors can damage your crop; If it's too hot, not enough rain, too much rain, maybe bad seed. I've had years like that and then the next year it's a go.
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    Does anybody here drive off road?

    Congrats to you and your mini!