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    Hi Kylie I see that so far everyone has recommended Rhotens Little Dandy bloodlines. We stand the most proven (14 Titles) son of Rhotens Little Dandy at our training facility here in Texas, NFCS Dandy Moonman. We are very excited about his prepotency and have had many great offspring by him in...
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    What does "DWB" stand for?

    I showed La Vista's Remarkable DWB as a yearling for Susan Hopmans. Susan sold "DWB" to Another Demension out of the Scottsdale Show when DWB was a yearling. Susan Hopmans is the owner of La Vista Farm. Susan's deceased husband's name was David W. Bermant, hence the DWB. Susan is not the...
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    Horse Show

    We had considered returning to this show but found out that the directors of the club and David Wright, the manager are spreading rumors that we are "boycotting" their show. I'm not sure why they want to "bad mouth" us in this way but until there is an apology I guess we'll have to wait until...
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    Hired a beet pulp cook for the barn

    you know... you can feed it dry and save yourself all work, and get the same results... just a thought.
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    How is Rita going to affect World Show

    You don't need to worry about Dallas since the show is in Fort Worth!!! I live less than an hour west of Fort Worth and it's been sunny all day with some heavy breeze. We will not be getting any rain at all from the storm... and Dallas hasn't gotten any yet either. It's now 6:20 p.m. and it...
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    A question for any judges on here...

    Everyone has answered your question already, but since you specially asked me, in your post topic, I'll also respond. We, as judges, cannot speak to you during the show. However, once the show is over you are free to ask any questions you like. I realize you're not always around until the end...
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    So sick of judges and politics..

    I'm a judge and I take offense to a lot of what is being said here. I'm very well known within AMHA and know a lot of people and as a result I HAVE TO judge horses and not people and that's what I do. I can always give a reason for why I do what I do and it does not involve politcs. If I'm...
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    Help in East Texas

    If you want to take a drive, we raise great coastal. We are an hour west of Fort Worth and you can get both rounds and squares. Go to my website, and e-mail from there if you are interested.
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    I need help with showmanship class

    Also, you can put him up against a fence and work on the stand still from there. Whichever side he likes to move his but towards, put the fence on that side. Then, gradually work away from the fence. It works as an aid when schooling. Don't get to dependent on it though, make sure you start...
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    DREAMS to do come true!

    Chandler... I promise... you're dreams will come true...
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    Need contact info.

    Here's Martha's e-mail address: [email protected]
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    A couple times I thought I was going to melt down... I didn't have anyone there with me in the hospital or in recovery but I told myself to "buck up" and get a grip and I made it through. The doctors and nurses were wonderful. The show secretary, Charlotte got me from the hospital to my room...
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    Went straight to the barn when I got home for a big shot of Vanilla and all the others. Hate to be away too long from the horses... I just don't think anyone is going to take care of them like me. But, they all did well, even without me here. I have the best husband and employee (my son is...
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    Musta been a bad weekend. I was in Kentucky judging the Julep Cup and on Sunday night after I finished I had to go the hospital for terrible stomach pain. Turns out I had to have my appendix (sp?) removed that night (1:00 a.m.). I had to stay an extra day and just got home this afternoon...