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    Thanks everyone I use Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9. I really enjoy using the program.
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    I know I haven't been here in a very long time. But I was wondering which graphic program do you guys prefer? Paint Shop Pro, Paint, Photo Shop, other???
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    Just A Pretty Picture To Share

    Thats beautiful!!! Great pic.
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    What Are Your Favorite Breeds of Dogs

    Pugs, I've always loved there cute face...also there sweet and loveable. Border Collies, I always wanted one...seem like a sweet and very smart dog.
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    Your Favorite Pictures

    Becky, I love the pics of your brother. : Here is my fave: ^I took the photo in August when I went to South Carolina
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    *Gasp* look what showed up on my doorstep!

    What a beautiful new girl you have. : : Congratulations! :aktion033:
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    Our New Filly

    Wow shes lovly! Congrats on getting her. :bgrin :
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    Subject: Can you find the C?

    I found the C, 6 and N. I N was kind of tricky at first.
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    Christmas Wish List -

    Unrealistically, a Quarter Horse or a sunny - snow free Christmas. Realistically some Breyer horses for my breyer horse collection...since I don't have a mini anymore I can't ask for horses stuff like that. Marty, I hope so much that your Christmas wish comes ture. :
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    Finally! He's having fun!

    I love the pics. : I'm glad he is having a good time. :bgrin
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    I'm back. We are moved into the new house,

    Sounds like Cassidy had a fun time riding. Great pics and thanks for posting.
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    Halloween Pictures

    Awww those are cute and funny. I love that spider-pug. :
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    Bad night/Day

    I am very glad you, your family and your animals are ok. I feel so sorry for you, it must have been a very hard night for you. Again I am glad you are ok.
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    Something to ponder

    Thats a funny one and is so true. :
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    Got my professional photos!

    Wow those photos are amazing! congrats. :aktion033:
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    GSD puppies on the way

    I can't wait to see photos of her babies when there born. Congrats on the 9 babies. :aktion033: :aktion033:
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    My first website

    Wow, thats really cool. Good job. :aktion033: :aktion033:
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    What kind of digital camera do you all use?

    I have a Kodak DC215 Zoom Digital Camera. By the way sharon I love your photos.
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    I have a new baby...had to share

    Very cute, congrats. : :aktion033: