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    is this as wrong add I think it is?

    Had a discussion on onstage with this girl but I think it feel in deaf ears it makes me sad.
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    Cremation or Burial

    Just wanted to let you know I used to work for a vet and he was talking to a man that worked at a crematory. They can't afford to fire that up for every animal brought in, so they wait till they have several and burn them all at once, so your urn has the remains of many different pets, not just...
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    just clipped Twister today

    i think it's really sad that your has to stand in weeds that tall.
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    Comment by 'angilou' in media 'inn2.jpg'

    This picture really concerns me, don't you know how powerful a mini horse can be. What if it would have stepped on your dog. It could have caused great injury. Seems like you would have more love and concern for you dog than that. It also concerns me about that cat and bird being on his back...
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    mini horse video

    k well I guess I'm the worst pet owner in the world. Deleting video and possibly getting rid of all my animals since I have such horrible judgement. wow, I was so excited to get that video done thanks for crushing my day haters.
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    mini horse video

    It wasn't a firecracker, it was those little smoke bombs, she looooves 4th of july. sorry it offended anyone:(
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    mini horse video

    Hey I just finished a really cute video with all my farm animals, has my new baby Chloe in it. Chloe is 10 weeks old now and doing great! Dynamite pets
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    Last foal of the year....

    that is really cool and adorable:yeah
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    foal feed question

    oh wow, i didn't realize they started on grain so fast! Well Chloe ended up at the vet this morning, she had some sort of spell that looked like a seizure, I was so freaked out and stuck her in the SUV and ran straight to the vet. Her blood work came back all normal accept for potassium levels...
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    New Colt Pic

    Awww so cute, she's just a little darker than my new filly, and her papa is the same color as the horse in the background. I think my Chloe is going to end up the silver color before it's all over.
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    foal feed question

    They grow up so fast....sniff, sniff.  
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    foal feed question

    Thanks for the input, I feel better now, I went to work worrying that she'd be sick when I got home.
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    foal feed question

    My filly is 7 weeks old and she drinks her milk from a bucket not from mama, she's been nibbling on hay and a little grass in the pasture. When I feed the big minis grain she stays away from them, and hangs out around the alpaca. But this morning she went and ate some of the alpaca's grain. Do...
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    Jingles for my stallion, Royal, please

    Hope he's better soon!
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    Three fillies so far :)

    They are adorable! Do they play with each other yet?
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    How much longer for this foal?

    It will happen when you run to the grocery store!
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    Halter breaking foals

    We used a goat halter and tempted her with something she really liked, i.e. bottle, but it could be a handful of hay for you. I have way better luck working with our filly away from the barn where the she can't see the others. We have to exercise Chloe more than a usual foal trying to work on...
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    Show Pictures

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    My Sweet Chloe

    Just wanted to share a pic of my 6 week filly. Chloe was a dummy foal and we have been bottle feeding her, last weekend the vet said it was time to bottle break her and switch her to a bucket of milk, it was sad to loose that bond, but she has become more of 'horse' and we are so proud of her...