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    ? About AMHA and DNA

    Does anyone know if the AMHA can DNA test a mini to find out if it is registered?
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    Does anyone recognize this mini?

    He is definitely prettier in the summer with a more buckskin coat... He's sooty now, but he's so furry I can't tell if he is really furry or overweight. He is such a doll. He is quirky but also we'll behaved. He has his pony girlfriend, Rosie, the chestnut in the pic. They are best buds. He...
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    Does anyone recognize this mini?

    I bought this mini from the Camelot auction earlier this year. He came with no papers or info. I was wondering if anyone recognizes him. I would love to find out who he is, or hardship him in if he isn't registered. Our dentist said he is in his teens. He is shy and a bit nervous, and hates...
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    How much is it to hardship a gelding?