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    MajorClementine, post: I'm also going to move this to the main "Miniature Horse Forum" on here to see if we can get you more answers. I know we have members who have done trailer conversions AND members with factory built mini trailers. Ok thank you very much
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    Thank you very much it has a front door already and it's 3/4 inch ply on floor. I am def going to price all out first I live in jersey so most trailers I would by are like in AZ and like 10-16+ hr drive away I know floor is strong enough it can hold 10,000lbs and has a suspension system on it...
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    I have a 17ft cargo trailer 2 axels and rated for 10k lbs. I want to convert it so I can haul 1 or 2 horses in it. Does anyone know what I would have to do or should I just keep looking for a 2 horse trailer bumper pull under 2k to start? I just bought a farm and now buying a horse of my own so...