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    AMHA Show online now

    I thought that is who it was!! I love his announcing. it is always so entertaining, even during long halter classes.
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    AMHA Show online now

    just wandering who the announcer is? thanks.
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    Yet Another Height-Related Proposal

    I think we need more visual examples of these different styles of driving. To me it is hard to understand the deffinitons in the rule book. I know if I had a video (for example) of the driving styles it would be easier to decide where my horses would need to be shown. also there is more to be...
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    Attention Northern-State Congress Exhibitors

    I had planned to go, but heard it was going to be REALY hot. the barns anyway. I live in central arkansas and it is bad here. but OK can be worse. Good luck!! I will be watching on line!
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    Journal Now Online

    Is it coming out in the mail???
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    AWESOME new program from PtHA!!!

    How do we find out if we have ptha shows in our area? my herd is 50% pinto. this would be great.
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    PMC classes at Nationals

    I show in the PMC classes at nationals and i am greatful that they have those classes. I could never standin a regular halter class with 70-100 horses. It is a great way to show your mini at a national level.
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    Nationals-Sleeping in trailers or stalls...

    We have stayed in the stalls the last 4 years. I love it!! it is like a camping trip and i can hang out at the arena and watch all hours of the night while my early to bed family can go on to bed. I like being near my horses too. I just feel they are safer that way. Plus you could never stay in...
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    Congress 2010

    How soon do they need to be in?
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    New Baby!!! ASPC

    Thanks everyone! I am one proud momma!!
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    New Baby!!! ASPC

    my 1st home bred aspc pony!! sheis 9 days old here. She looks just like her sire. Maranatha's Master's Touch, 36in ASPC soon to be AMHR.
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    New baby at Maranatha farm

    This is our 1st home bred pony!! Master's Golden Bonnies Pride X Maranatha's Masters Touch, I will be repeating this cross agian!! Reflection looks just like her sire. She is 9 days old today. She...
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    round bales

    I use regular grass hay round bales, but we DON'T put it in with the horses!!! I have known to many people who have had them fall over and kill the horses feeding on them. I tear off what i need, put in the wagon to the tractor and spread it out around the paddocks. here i can get good grass...
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    The Journal

    What is WEG? I haven't heard any registry news in so long I have no idea what is going on.
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    furturity (sp?)

    1st time with a nominated horse. how does the payouts work? I have nevr shown in this class before
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    Wall Street Ultra Sweet Emotion

    I think I am going to sell him and buy me a weanling filly. I have a really nice 37in aspc stallion i plan to hard ship to amhr.
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    Does this mare look pregnant?

    I have a pony mare holding her baby hostage inside too!! she is so wide she hardly can get thro the stall gates!! hope u have a baby soon!!
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    Wall Street Ultra Sweet Emotion[/img] here is wall street ultra sweet emotion at the Tunica show 2 weeks ago. got him at the sale on saturday, won his class on sunday!!
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    Sam's Town Show Tunica

    Loading up the truck!! Headed to MS!! thanks everyone for your well-wishes!! Hope to get some pics!! Terri and Bonnie You all be careful and we will see you there!!!!
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    Sam's Town Show Tunica

    we will be there Thursday afternoon. I have to get a horse clipped when we get there. Set up fro the stall decorations and get the trailer/camper set up! I am so excited about this show! I am bringing 2 horses. That way we can have fun playing too. see everyone there!! Look for our banner on...