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    Do you currently own miniature horses?

    Gosh...I forgot to mention that WE ALSO have a mini donkey in our herd. Her name is Ella and I love her to pieces! (She drives my husband nuts with her braying just before feeding times, but she make me laugh)
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    Deviled Eggs

    Sounds good......I use a mix of sweet pickle relish, mayo, and both honey mustard and regular mustard, to taste. Let's just say it they get gobbled up really quickly. LOL.
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    Do you currently own miniature horses?

    We currently own over 35 minis and 7 full sized.
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    What do you feed your ponies for feed?

    We just feed a locally manufactured 14 percent grain to almost everybody with varied amounts, depending on their need. Our grass hay is also locally grown. They also get a vitamin/mineral with salt supplement. (We are in a low selenium region.)  Your seniors look in good weight, but we've had...
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    we brought our mini foal colt home and need advise on training techniques

    Good advice from Cayuse about the legs. We also use the command "Foot" or "Hoof" when praising. And then pat the bottom of the hoof. It's a gradual process. Once he is okay with patting, do a swipe with the hoof pick.
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    Surprisingly Mocha!

    From the pictures you posted, including her teats, she is probably a maiden.  Maidens can be tricky as they don't show as obviously as experienced mares.  Keep us posted!
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    Newbie to the forum.

    Are they also getting a vitamin/mineral block or a crumble version?
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    Newbie to the forum.

    Welcome Aboard!  And Kuddos for rescuing two middle-aged mares!  We've owned and bred minis for 28 years and WE are still learning stuff..... We have only fed BOSS or flaxseed for shedding off or improving their coats.  What else have you been feeding them?  Are you worried about their weight?
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    colt nutrition

    We feed a 14 percent locally manufactured grain to everyone who needs it......Amounts vary according to the need. (We had 2 stallions get underweight during breeding season with their pacing, so added a senior grain AND soaked beet pulp to their diet and they are looking wonderful now.)  Nursing...
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    New mom needs advice

    Horses are a herd animal, so getting a second isn't a bad idea.  We got our first mini in 1990. She was an older weanling, but we also had 4 pygmy goats to keep her company initially. Two months later we bought a second filly and the two were best buddies and I think our first girl was happier. ...
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    Advice on Horse therapy training

    I'm surprised no one else has responded. There have been several other mini horse owners who have done what you describe.  We've done it for a local retirement home, but it's been awhile. The one thing you should look into is liability insurance regarding your horse. We have a farm policy as...
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    Advice on Horse therapy training

    What kind of therapy work are you planning?  If you mean taking him into Nursing Homes, etc..... you really don't need to be licensed for that.
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    Awww......... Yes, they do become very personable....especially when you get them one on one. Eight years is a nice long life for a chicken.
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    My colt is 2 years old and hasn't dropped yet

    Good! If you can feel something, I bet the vet will be able to have something to work with. BTW, around here it's fly season.....So, we are putting off gelding for about a month or so.
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    Heritage of mini horses lines

    You have some old big names in both your boys' background.... Champion bloodlines.  Buckeroo, Rowdy. and Red Boy..... The history of the miniature horse -- way back is rather murky. Miniature horses all have Shetland in their background somewhere and probably Welsh Pony too........The American...
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    Just dropping himself to the ground

    I agree that it should be the child who does the correcting and the water idea is good too.
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    Stop Throwing Your Food!!!

    I like the carpet idea!  It's cheaper than rubber mats.
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    Stop Throwing Your Food!!!

    We've had decent luck with laying down a row of rubber mats for their hay and then puting scoops of grain over the hay piles.  Seems to keep them focused. They are probably nosing and tossing to get to fine bits and seeds in the hay.
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    Our garden is a disaster!  NOTHING took....except onions .... We have a squash and  some tomato plants in pots that are flourishing.....Weird.
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    Whatever happened to

    I've been thinking about her too...... Marty Garrison