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    Big Fancy Christmas Pony Needs A Home CMHR

    Adorable. If I hadn't taken on two other rescues earlier this year I would have seriously considered adopting him.
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    This puppy is making me crazy!!

    You have a TON of things going wrong here! First of all, by training your puppy to go on potty pads you've essentially trained your dog that it's okay to potty in the house and unfortunately now you need to UNtrain her. If you want to truly potty train your puppy you are going to need to put...
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    Anyone vaccinate their dogs?

    The other thing to be careful about in purchasing from farm stores is that they are not always properly stored. Two farm stores in this area had their stock sitting in back on the shelf but it was put in a refrigerator when put out on the floor for sale. Purchasing from a reputable online...
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    Teacup chihuahua breeders?

    LittleMiracles is right........"teacup" and "reputable breeder" generally don't fit in the same sentence. A reputable breeder does not concentrate on breeding the "tinies"......they concentrate on breeding healthy dogs who fit the breed description. Of course the number of "teacup" poodles...
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    Cribbing/ Grazing Muzzles

    I bought the Cribbing Muzzle from Best Friends for a pony of ours. She doesn't crib, BUT she gorges on hay (grabbing giant mouthfuls). The grazing muzzles don't seem to work well for hay (our ponies are drylotted and so they're main source of food is hay) so I tried the Cribbing Muzzle and it...
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    Just finished my latest painting...

    I know times are tough for you but if you can figure out a way to gather up a few bucks to enter in a juried show DO IT! Sometimes it's hit and miss as to what a juror is looking for, but if you get in it gets your work SEEN and the amount of work you're going to get as a result will be well...
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    What a great opportunity!!

    Thanks guys! It's been a rough semester for me. My last class of the semester was yesterday, but I have a project that is still not quite complete. My instructor wants it done for the show next week, but has already graded me on what's complete. When I get it finished I'll photograph it...
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    What a great opportunity!!

    Thanks guys! My concern was mostly the timing........the last detailed oil painting I did took an ENTIRE semester! I'd also never painted a building before (and have since decided that I don't like painting buildings at all!) and the large portraits were pretty intimidating for me (I'd only...
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    What a great opportunity!!

    I received an email about 5 weeks ago from a woman my husband works with . She is on a committee for the area YWCA and they were planning a 25th anniversary celebration for their Executive Director and decided they would like to have a commemorative painting done (three portraits and the...
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    Blade Sharpening

    Help. I've had SUCH terrible luck with clipper sharpening and the last person to sharpen my blades was absolutely AWFUL. Is there anyone y'all would recommend for blade sharpening? At this point I've been through my blades so many times looking for one pair that work at all that I can't...
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    Non horsy husbands...

    I have a non-horsey husband but that's okay. The ponies are MY hobby....not his. I don't EVER expect him to take care of them or do the heavy lifting chores.....why would I? After all this is MY if I can't do the work to keep up on my hobby then maybe I need to find a different...
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    People who have goats - we need some help

    I wanted to add.....with wethers you are probably not going to want to grain them.....especially since they are small-breed goats. Not only do wethers gain weight quickly but an improperly balanced diet can lead to urinary calculi and you do NOT want to deal with that!! Generally, goats that...
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    Who has owned/showed Show dogs?

    CONGRATULATIONS! I know Cheryl and Jon and they breed BEAUTIFUL dogs with excellent temperaments! My male is not of their breeding but his dam's sire is and that's where he got his lovely head from! I'm sure I know who Kelly is that you are speaking of too. There are LOTS of very nice ACD...
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    Shameless Art Brags

    Thanks! I have to be diverse.......I'm studying Illustration so I need to be proficient in several different mediums and styles.
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    Shameless Art Brags

    Thanks guys! I have kind of been drawing forever, but I didn't know at ALL what I was doing. I kept to "safe" things that I knew and never ventured in to other areas (never drew a person until I started classes. If you're interested in starting I suggest taking a basic class (many art...
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    Shameless Art Brags

    It's on a charcoal illustration board (the same color as the bottom prismacolor drawings), but you can not see any of the board color through the Prismacolor. The pencil is on there in layers to the point that they're very thick, and then was buffed and sprayed to keep the wax from coming back...
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    Shameless Art Brags

    I've been so busy with classes that I haven't had the time to post here much but I do check out the posts when I do have time. Wanna see what I've been up to? (not sure if I've posted some of these in the past). Dictator-in-the-box (sculpy, wood, fabric, springs and shrinky dink): Self...
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    Goat Questions

    Yes, goats NEEEEEEEED copper (it's sheep that are copper intolerant). If your goat dosen't get enough copper then you'll wind up with all sorts of difficulties! As for worming.......most people don't fecal test so they don't know for sure what works and doesn't work in your area. Your best...
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    Secret Santa Hints

    Not surprising with my class load that I missed the announcement (October is the mid-term push). I've signed up for another SS on another forum and will put my time in to that one this year then.
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    New Purchases

    Someday, somehow the information always gets out......especially if the cross is announced or the foals are marketed as fjord crosses. Pesonally, I wouldn't do it. Besides, if these mares are good quality then you're SO much better off breeding them fjord. Have you seen the prices on the good...