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    Easy entry cart question

    yes thank you
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    Easy entry cart question

    So I happen to drive past this place and actually stopped. They have a bunch of carts for sale and wanted to check the prices because my Arab drives. I never expected to see a mini cart there but did Anyways it's never been used (or very little can't remember) and was made out of Oregon by...
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    The Innocent Man

    Have you read it? If you haven't then got to the library and get it. I couldn't put it down and managed to read it in just two nights. It's about a man well two men wrongly accused of murder and lived on death row. This if Grisham's first non-fiction book too. Very well writen in my opinion
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    Anybody have venison dog food recipe?

    Venison is great...I wish I could get more of it but I don't know any hunters. I feed raw so I don't have any recipe's. But really any meat you can get a hold of will work. Just do your research before you start and eggshells are good for calcium. There's alot of places on the internet and...
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    I just learned of this and thought I would pass it on. It's great place to find stuff people are giving away and to get rid of your stuff. It's by area too.
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    What is the weirdest nickname

    Lets see my 4 year old son named his horse Lifesaver since he came with the same name as my horse Doc. I usually call Doc...Doc-e-do. Lucky...Lucky Ducky (his colors are yellow because of it with red), Dude...Dudaronumis or Doodlebutt Senorr usually gets called a**hole because of his nature
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    What do you feed your dogs?

    I didn't mean no harm by my statement. Thats all it was was a thought. Anyways I am lucky to live in a beef raising community and am able to get grass fed beef for a good price. I also have plenty of processing plants to choose from. I do my best to feed my family including...
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    What do you feed your dogs?

    Wow I really expected more people to feed Raw on here with how well everyone feeds there mini's
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    What do you feed your dogs?

    Seem's most everyone on here has dogs and this is a question I ask many people. I personally raw feed my Border collie and Doxie. What do you all feed?
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    Mini Pins?????

    I had a retired show dog for the last 4 years of her life and let me tell you they are alot of fun. Even in there old age. No they are not "true mini dobi's" There are quite a few books out on them. I would say start reading. But thats me the second I'm interested in something I go and find...
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    Darn the Collies-

    Dylan the old man Diva the stubborn brat/mouse hunter
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    Would LOVE To See Your Collies and Shelties!

    Here's my sweet spoiled border collie Reyna. She's my baby : She's just 8 months old This is her on the day we came home with her This is her summer nap spot Her first camping trip Her first water experience her first trip to the ocean which she didn't like...Them waves are...
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    Dog breeders... Question for you please

    You could use those breeder's collars that are like the wristbands you get at fairs and concerts. They come in a number of collars. My border collie breeder put those on and numbered them all.
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    at what age

    Thanks everyone!!!! I'm not in any hurry thats for sure. I was just curious because I've never delt with it before. I whole heartedly believe in waiting until maturity level is ready. My yearling isn't registered and is here for a "pet" more than anything. Hubby calls him my dog LOL! So...
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    at what age

    I'm new to this mini training stuff. So I would like to know the average answer to my question. Also how many of you send them away for cart training? When do you start ground driving? Thanks again :
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    Any Paint horse people that can help me out

    try listing it on you can usually find out he's got been there done that horses in his background
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    What a great weekend!

    nice choice in truck...I'm a chevy fan myself :-)
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    and the jeffer's one's are cheap. I use them .... when I remember. I'm getting better though, it's hard for me since I'm such a forgetful person LOL!
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    I broke Velvet's leg today

    Just remember not to blame was a freak accident. Make sure the shipper's actually know how to wrapa leg though. I had a friend ask shippers to wrap legs and they wrapped them to loosely and the horse ended up bowing a tendon.
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    38 weeks pregnant!!!

    Laura I had to write when I read what you wrote about telling Mia if her dad doesn't let her come home for the birth if it happens that way. Please don't!!!!! My mom split from my biological dad when I was two and still to this day doesn't say one bad thing about him even though I have formed...