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    urgent central Il transport needed 8/31/2006

    Spot is home and knew exactly where he was when he got out of the truck. I found somebody to haul him in the back of her pickup with the cap on... he rode like a champ, and nickered when he saw me... I am so glad to have him back. I don't understand how this woman could have fooled us so badly...
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    urgent central Il transport needed 8/31/2006

    several people have contacted me about giving "spot" a ride... I have somebody going to get him this evening while I attend to a family emergency out of town. when it rains it pours... I will post again when we get him home or if things go wrong... if we can't get him tonite we will have to try...
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    urgent central Il transport needed 8/31/2006

    If a horse adoption could go wrong this one has- too long a story to tell here, but the woman I adopted my mini colt out to is demanding that I pick him up tomorrow between 2PM and 10 PM south of Decatur IL " or else..." She emailed this afternoon, the first notice I got that she wanted to...
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    Bugs on Colt

    exactly my point. read labels and ask your vet.
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    Bugs on Colt

    One or the other should be enough... the cycle will begin again after about 21 days when the eggs hatch, if you use powder you should dust them several times, for about a month. maybe once a week. If you use Ivermectin, worm every 2 weeks for about 3 times. you want to get the eggs that hatch...
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    Miniature Horse or Miniature Arab?

    in the beginnings of the miniature horse movement, establishing registries and show rules, the minis were classified as 3 types, draft, thoroughbred, and arab. You can still see examples of those types, but they are not classifed anymore. I guess there were not enough participants to justify 3...
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    YOUR very first mini! Fun story? Neat memory?

    my first mini was actually a 36 inch shetland mare. This was in the days when there were still "midget" ponies being collected by some but a miniature horse breed registry had not yet been established. I had talked to the breeder who had a herd of red shetlands with white markings and flaxen...
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    Question for the goat folks here

    any change done for goat feed must be done slowly and gradually since it will disrupt the bacteria count in the rumen and may cause them to get sick if done all at once. If you have had them for 10 years, you are doing great with them... those are elderly goats at this point! just make sure...
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    Letting go

    Amy I sent you a looong IM.... General musings about our service men and women. Who is braver than those who volunteer for this kind of service to all of us and our country?( even though their moms and dads might cry and pray and worry they may be deployed) Who is going to do these things if...
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    Babies first big snow!!!

    aren't they a hoot in the snow? I love how they bury their faces then come up with white beards! and somewhere in the horsey rules is the mandate to paw and then roll within the first few minutes of being out in the stuff.... I love the playful side of horses, their exuberance and joy of living...
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    Does everybody show/breed here?

    never have shown, don't appreciate all the clipping, greasing, spazzing, gingering, etc that goes with showing, and won't play that game. (Each to his own, not saying it can't be done, I just don't feel like doing it!) Have only bred 6 babies in 45 years of horse ownership. my "thing" used to...
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    Silver Roan ??

    I had a black roan mare with double silver dapple gene... yep, anything is possible in the wonderful world of mini colors! well almost any combination you can think of... and why stop with 2, try 3 or 4... sabino and tobiano black silver dapple roan.... etc.....
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    check this out

    not horse related, but in light of some posts here, and knowing that people from everywhere use this board, the common bond being our love of horses, minis, and ponies (and donkeys!) please explore this site with an open mind and remember that sometimes people who come here need rescue as much...
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    Upton, Mass. Rescue Efforts

    as a former humane investigator, I can tell you we had better results with judges and sherrifs, etc, when the local news media was involved. TV, radio, and newspapers all need to be notified as to what is going on.... especially now at Christmas time, human interest (humane interest) stories are...
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    author - Temple Grandin

    an extraordinary individual capable of giving us great insight into the world of the autistic. I saw her interviewed on 60 minutes years ago. get the book!
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    International cell phones

    The guys can get phones at the PX, which is much safer and fraud free than the open market most places... have them check with others that already have cell phones to see what has worked for others there. military moms on some of those forums are a goldmine of info as well... mine had a cell...
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    please keep us posted
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    Odd situation with big horse

    Is it possible he is eating his poop? sometimes horses which are mostly on pellets or feeds that have a high molasses content will be attracted to their own poop, especially if they don't have much else to chew on. If you take a look at his front teeth and see they are mysteriously very...
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    Horse selling can be so hard at times!

    the comments about boarding costs would send up a red flag for me. Lots of times kids buy horses and board them but are unable to come up with enough money to keep the program rolling and still spend time with the horse. winter comes and they lose interest, don't pay board and the horse is sold...
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    What can I...

    try posting this question on the Pony Forum, you will get more answers there. AHSA and open shows are available to your pony...