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    Best security camera for inside barn?

    You can check out some information that I put on the forum several years ago about cameras. It is still listed in the "The BEST of" section of the forum. It is titled "Barn Cameras". It's older, but the principles still apply. I was just looking on 'a popular online auction' and saw several...
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    Coat Colour? (Photos)

    If she is the about the color of a Hershey bar or milk chocolate bar all over, she might be a Smokey Silver Black. That would mean she has at least one gene for black, cream, and silver. I had a mare that color once, and the silver was confirmed after she had a typical Silver Black foal when...
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    Dwarfism Letter in the Journal (& recap of John's thesis)

    I think it was an interesting letter, but I can fully see why AMHA would not publish it and AMHR would. It is a letter that summarizes some very scientific material. The information is complex, and in such a short letter, the reader may not be able to fully understand it (at least I didn't)...
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    Mini Hooves

    What you would expect to see in an ideal mini hoof should be exactly the same thing you would expect to see in any other breed of horse. The principals are the same. The hoof wall should be parallel with an imaginary line drawn through the middle of the long and short pastern bones. (You can...
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    Proposal Please Proof

    It is hard to write a rule or by-law that says what you want it to say, and not be open to alternate interpretations. I have served on the AMHA Rules and By-laws Committees, and we had to read through new rule proposals and try to make sure what the person was really wanting. Often, it wasn't...
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    Proposal Please Proof

    I understand from the letter that accompanied the rule change proposal, that you want the AMHA horse to be: 1. at least three years of age 2. it's height verified (I am assuming that it must be 38" or under?) 3. inspected for obvious faults, such as height or conformation, and only be allowed...
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    AMHA Driven Obstacle Class

    Great photo, and I checked out the video too! That looks like a LOT of fun. Your team works amazingly well together. You should do great!
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    AMHA Driven Obstacle Class

    If a 'circus' cart is what I think it is, I would love to have one. Can you post a photo of how you hitch a team to it? I'm trying to visualize it ... Yeah, just having a team is an adventure and a crowd pleaser. Julie
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    AMHA Driven Obstacle Class

    I did it once, quite a few years ago now. It was a small AMHA show in Chickasha, OK. I used an easy-entry style cart with a 'pole'. Can't remember exactly how it turned out, but it wasn't too bad. The biggest problem is for the course designer to set up obstacles that can physically be...
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    Goodbye See The Light

    Have been living out of state for a while now while family has been watching my horses in Oklahoma. This week I got the call I have been dreading. One of first minis I purchased, See the Light, hadn't come up for her breakfast. She was found laying in the shelter, still alive, hungry and...
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    I want to second the caution about driving a four wheel vehicle. You can get in bad trouble quickly in one where the front wheels can turn into the body of the vehicle. When that happens, the whole vehicle will twist up on itself and can flip over. It is bad enough when you are just making a...
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    Foaling Camera advice

    For some additional information about cameras, check out the "Best of the Miniature Horese Forum". There is a posting about them on there. It might answer some of your questions too. The link is here: CAMERA INFO
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    Cameras/foal alerts

    For Camera info, check out this post over on the 'Best of' Forum: Camera Info There are two commonly used foaling alerts, Breeders Alert and Equi-Page, both work on the same principle and are excellent. They are somewhat expensive, but not if you consider that they can save the life of the...
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    calling all Color experts, need your input

    I'm not sure if they discussed it in their class, but there is debate about whether homozygous roan is a genetic possibility. Some say that a homozygous roan embryo (RR) is non-vialble and will not result in a pregnancy. If that is the case, then she would have to leave out any RR possiblity...
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    Another camera question

    You might want to try looking over on the "The BEST of Miniature Horse Forum" to read some information about Barn Cameras. It talks about wired cameras and wireless transmitters, as well as some other info that you might find useful. Barn Camera Information
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    Anyone have experience with heated water hoses?

    Now I know what I can get for my husband this Christmas! I'm still looking to see if there's any better price, but found the K&H 60 foot one for $117.80 at this site: marvingardensstore OK, just saw this K&H 60 footer for $104.89 at: Just found a different brand... Pirit, this is...
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    Splash overo to Splash overo

    Splash Overo, as everyone has said, is a totally different gene than the Frame (Lethal White) Overo gene. Only two horses that carry the LWO gene, bred to each other, have any chance of producing a lethal white foal. But, if your horse comes from a pedigree with Frame horses, has any blue in...
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    "Exotic Pig Pony"

    I found the ad on-line, and saw his photo, etc. It sounds like they bought him at an 'exotic' sale, and are trying to find him a new home, as they are retiring from the minis. BUT, they realize that he has some dwarf characteristics and don't want him going to someone who is planning anything...
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    AMHA Jumps & Obstacles at World

    Margo, I'm not sure what you're seeing. I haven't had any trouble being able to get to the website, although it was kind of tricky to find the classes/photos that I was looking for. I did see somethin about their being from Dubai and when the site comes up, the first image it shows is of an...
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    Tragic tail

    Did she lose her 'foot', or just the hoof wall? If she only sloughed off her hoof wall, and there isn't some other damage, then it should grow back, in time. She might end up with other issues from using her good foot more while the other hoof grows back in. But, if it is just the hoof wall...