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    Phuemabort-K shots

    My mare is 5 months along, and I have heard good and bad about giving the phuemabort-K shots at 5,7, & 9 months. Could I hear some of your comments about this, as I have the vet coming next week to give her the shot, and am a little nervous about it. I have heard that some horses have aborted...
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    homozygous - is there a simple explanation

    Just to add a note on this subject. I know of someone who has a stallion that was tested homozygous and has thrown 2 solids. When they called the lab, they were told that there is still a 2% chance of getting a solid, even though the horse tested homozygous.
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    Use of Regamate

    Thanks so much for your info. I did not want to use Regamate, being this is her first pregancy and there is no reason, just as a precautionary measure. I will let her pregancy progress normally and am looking forward to my first experience to being on mare watch!
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    Use of Regamate

    Hi Everyone, I have bred my first mare and she was just confirmed in foal at 21 days on Friday. She was at a farm for 3 months, and finally caught on her June season after much expense in ultrasounds and vet calls. The breeder suggests that I put her on regamate for 3 months to play it safe. I...