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    Foaling Mares Out

    We are in a unique situation this year. We are unable to have any foaling cameras up and unless we are sure a mare is going to foal we can't really check on them through the night. So for those that foal out a lot of mares or are in a similar situation do you think it is better to have a mare...
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    Your daily routines for Conditioning halter horses.

    Interested in hearing what everyones daily routines for working their halter horses are; What Do you do? Longe, round pen, pony, hotwalker or something else? Do you prefer to Trot or Canter one more? Which gait do you find builds different areas of a horse better? i.e(Back, Shoulders, Hip...
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    Best grain for a wealing/yearling?

    How much of it would you feed a day?
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    Aug Sept Journal...

    Someone really needs to bring this up at Convention... I hope they are refunding advertisers for money wasted, but doubt it. What a great way to screw your supportive members that have spent a substantial $$$ on advertising in tough economic times, that becomes a huge waste when the journal...
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    Could someone please explain hardshipping to me

    Great point! And even though Quarter horse is such a developed breed they still allow quarter horses to be bred to thoroughbreds and the resulting foal is considered an appendix quarter horse until it has recieved and ROM (15 points) in any division. Then AQHA sends out regular quarter horse...
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    Could someone please explain hardshipping to me

    Theres alot of things that will straighten out I beleive as registery grows and gets older and I think the new shetland blood will help make better moving driving horses, and improve on some confirmation traits. But people that make statements and don't completely think about what they are...