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    Feeding the minis

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    Feeding the minis

    Thanks! We have space to do pasture - but is mostly weedy right now, as we haven't planted pasture grass. We were told not to give them much access to grazing. I have let them in my lawn to graze for an hour here and there. But after the colic, I am not doing that anymore. I did get a giant red...
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    Feeding the minis

    Yep - Boise Idaho! Thanks so much for the specifics. I grew up with a horse, but we always boarded her at the navy base. So... I never learned about nutrition. I am learning as much as I can, but so many opinions and so many ways to go...
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    Feeding the minis

    Thank you. I do need a mineral deficiency in my area, per vet, which these feeds offer. I will have to search out a specific mineral supplement that doesn’t add calories. I read the Purina mini info closely and it claim s to be designed to feed in addition to hay, and is largely crude fiber. I...
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    Feeding the minis

    Thanks. Lady I bought from is very involved with local mini club, and said she fed 1 to 2 flakes per day each. Grass hay. Everyone I talk to says low sugar diet, not to over feed. Do your minis eat the hay constantly, and stay at good weight?
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    Feeding the minis

    Hi wonderful people. My 2 year old had a colic episode, and thankfully is fully mended. Doc put him on an equine senior mash during recovery. Doc suggested Purina Mini pellets as a supplement to provide needed minerals which are lacking in my local area (selenium, copper, magnesium?). I read the...
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    Paddock footing

    hey everyone. We have a nice fenced dry lot with heavy clay base. We have dealt with stall footing with deep compacted crushed stone Andre stall mats. During wet weather, our dirt / clay gets slick and sticky. Would like economical options to mitigate the slime for this year. Next year I am...
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    Mini tack (bit) suppliers...

    I am looking all over for mini bits/headstalls. I would love a rubber egg butt snaffle, as it will be 17 year old Stormy’s first ever bit. Plan is to get her accepting and relaxing in bridle and ground driving through winter, start harness by spring. Also have a 2 year old gelding who has...
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    Another convert here

    Hi everyone. Lifelong horse lover, raised in a barn by a feisty mare....but that was many years ago. Saw mini horses at a parade, and decided that would be a great option to get back into horse ownership. Six weeks later, we have built an oversized 2 stall barn and fenced in a paddock...