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    Where to look for collars

    Thanks for your help. I found what i needed at brodheadcollar. I was just overwhlemed looking i guess and over looked what i was looking for. Make sence?
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    Where to look for collars

    We have draft horses and like the draft horse style harness with collars and hames for my Miniature Horse team. That is the only type we use, but i can't seem to find any 14 inch collars. I have a 12 & 13 & 1-14 but i need another 14 inch russet collar. Buckle on top is ok. Can you offer me any...
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    Latest Update on my Brother

    I wish i had some words of comfort...but please know you all are in my thoughts.
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    The End of an Era

    So sorry to hear this Susan. The years go to fast.
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    Fox news is no better than the lying trash tabloids...

    Sorry you lost 4 more of your soldiers. Sad.
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    I thought it was a great opportunity too. It worked out just fine for me.
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    Update on our special Emmy

    Almost leaves one speechless. Awesome.
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    Double k clippers

    I have a wall mount also. Hangs by a chain and is easy to move around. I have not tried a belt model but i think that would be in my way as i like to kneel down to get most parts of the horse.
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    To My Wife

    :love Wishing you many more.
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    Wanalynn is down with the flu!

    Hope she is feeling better soon. Nasty bug going around. Warm chicken soup and toast should help. Your weather is crazy down there isn't it.
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    Steelers or Cardinals?

    Since my team is no where to be found I am going with the Birds!
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    RACE HORSE NEWS.....................TWO IN A ROW

    Woo way to go. Congrats. We own an off the track Thoroughbred that was injured and have a big passion for the track horses. Good luck in the next race,
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    Dumor Weight Builder Vr Farnnam Weight Builder

    We used the Farnum weight builder on a Thoroughbred that we got from a rescue farm. Excellent results with weight gain and we were able to cut the grain intake almost in half. Have no experience using it on Minis though. We do use the soy oil on our senior Belgian Draft Horses with good results too.
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    MRI pic of this alien that is growing inside of me...Meet my Alien..

    I hope you get to sit on your horse this weekend. One day at a time, i pray you can get this worked out.
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    A Toast to the New Year

    Happy New Year! Welcome 2009.
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    Should we do something different

    Here is me and my 19 yr old Arabian gelding before heading out on a ride...before all this snow came!
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    Satellite internet

    My hubby asked me if i was bored with the high speed already because i don't spend much time at it. I told him no! but i get everything done so much faster that i don't spend half the time i used to sitting here at the keyboard.
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    Satellite internet

    I have Wild Blue satellite also. We have DirecTV also but got the satellite through Wild Blue and was lucky to get in on free equipment and installation. We had a blizzard here yesterday and overnight and it performed great. I started with the cheaper package also and i love it! There are 3...
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    Showing off the pets

    Fun times ahead for your house.