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    Somebody murdered my son Michael tonite

    Marty, I haven't been on in months, but my daughter reads the forum regularly and when she told me the devastating news, I had to also send my deepest condolences and prayers to you and your family. You and your family have given me strength, laughter, and showing me how a family really can be...
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    Can a stallion be happy with a gelding??

    Was just wondering if a stallion can live a happy life with a gelding when there are NO mares around??? If you ask why don't I just geld him, because I just don't have the funds at this time. Thanks.
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    Can i see some photos of...

    Thanks for the photos everyone. All of the minis are really cute.
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    Ranger at 4 days

    What a cutie!!
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    Need major prayers...colic

    I'll be sending positive thoughts your way. Hoping to hear positive news soon.
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    What do you guys feed

    I feed a good grass hay, a sweet feed with no corn. Occasionally I feed a cup of soaked alfafa cubes usually during harsh winters. They have free choice trace minerals avaliable 24/7
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    How much hay do I need??

    Thanks for your responses. I usually have to feed hay 8 or 9 months out of the year, during the summer it just depends on how well the pastures are growing. I'll go with 3 or 4 per week to be safe, incase winter is a bad one.
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    Can i see some photos of...

    Can i see some photos of your pinto minis? I really like the pinto color. Thanks
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    just a pic

    Deb thats a great photo and the mini is really cute. Oh and i like that new halter.
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    How much hay do I need??

    I know this may sound like a question I should already know the answer too, but when we had more horses, rounds worked best for our situation. Now that I may be keeping the last many square bales of hay do I need to get me every month?? One's a gelding, one's a stallion, both a bit...
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    Why are stallions so hard to sell??

    I realize many people are searching for that perfect stallion. I hope everyone finds what they are searching for. I haven't shown my stallion, but he does have a decent lineage. He's produced beautiful babies...and since I must get rid of all my horses the price is next to free and yet NOBODY...
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    Why are stallions so hard to sell??

    I could get a buyer quick on a mare or gelding. Why do stallions seem so much harder?? I personally think stallions get a bad wrap in some peoples eyes. Does anyone else have this dilemma??
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    When do you start teaching how to lead?

    Well unfortunately I'm passed her being only a couple of weeks old, are you saying it's only going to be harder????
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    When do you start teaching how to lead?

    Our filly is 2 1/2 months old. She is quite friendly & lets me scritch her all over which is good, but when it comes to putting a lead rope on she pulls back something fierce. Can you please give me some tips or tricks you found that make teaching them to lead without fear?? Thanks
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    Looking for a loving home

    Sounds like a perfect facility for the mare & filly, but I live in Mid Michigan.
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    Early Foal Handling

    I'm sorry to hear about your arm. I have to say with our foal this year, we spent alot of time out there the first few weeks, now she'll coming running to be scritched...but she still does NOT car for restraint!! Hopefully come weaning she will, cause her mother is quite protective and not...
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    Looking for a loving home

    Still looking for a home for the filly & or mare. Thanks for checking.
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    CONGRATS Marty!!! I'm sure you are SOOO relieved!! Give that cutie an extra hug from me!! He's adorable!!
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    Looking for a loving home

    Due to unforseen circumstances I must find a loving home for 3 of our mini's. Up to date on everything, will need vaccines this Fall. Filly can be registered AMHR (dark bay/pinto) Stallion is dark bay, and mare is a silver dapple. Due to these circumstances, coggins have not yet been done...
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    When seperating them for a couple hours or so, don't the filly or colt just 'cry' and 'cry'?? Last year I did a cold turkey weaning and I'm making sure this year that doesn't happen.