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    New to Mini-Donks and I'm in love!!

    Beautiful little baby boys! I have only been a donkey momma for one month and just love them soooo much!!!!
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    new donkeys in a trailer

    When we got our 5 year old Jennet and foal we just walked her up to the trailer and gave her a few minutes to smell and check it out.We then lifted one of her front feet and put it on the trailer floor and she seemed satisfied that it was safe and just hopped right in.The foal of course we just...
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    My new donk - Jasper

    What a cutie Pie! Congratulations on having a very cute new member to your family!
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    Our new girl!

    Awwwe she is beautiful.What a nice shiney coat she has! Congrats!!
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    I was also wondering which registration most of you use? The IMDR or the AMDS?
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    Is it better to wait until my 13 mo. old donkey is mature before I register her? If so at what age?
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    pictures of my girls (I hope)

    Introducing my girls: Annie, 13 mos.old Kiah,5 years old with baby Angel,6 weeks old My 3 year old grandbaby with Annie
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    Newbie here

    Hello,my name is PJ and Im new to the Mini Donkey world.I am the proud owner of three Jennets.My first Donkey was Annie(13 mos. old) Hubby and I got her on our Anniversary hence the name Annie.She was so lonely and brayed everytime I walked out the door so we went out 2 days later and got her a...