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  1. J

    Orphan baby jack

    Good morning, We currently have 5 mini donkeys on our property. 2 grays who are mother/daughter and 2 spots who are aunt/niece. One of the spots was pregnant when we got her and had a little Jack back in may. We have already found a new home for him and he will be leaving around Thanksgiving...
  2. J

    New baby jack! Missing an eye.

    I spoke to the vet and he came by for a look. He said it looks like the eye is just missing, no signs of an injury during birth, no infection. My girls named him Cpt. Jack Sparrow! He is super playful. My 14 year old has started training him to lead.
  3. J

    New baby jack! Missing an eye.

    I believe we are going to have a vet friend come look him over. Other than that he seems perfect!! He loves my oldest daughter!
  4. J

    New baby jack! Missing an eye.

    She had been bred before we got her from a family friend, they had a large herd of minis.
  5. J

    New baby jack! Missing an eye.

    Hello everyone, we became the proud owners of a couple of female spotted minis back in September. A couple nights ago, we stumbled across a new baby jack put in the pasture. We had no idea that she was pregnant! Needless to say, we are thrilled. However, we think that he might be missing an eye...