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    looking for Mini Hoofs Liberty Belle - black pinto mare

    thank you for the information....
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    looking for Mini Hoofs Liberty Belle - black pinto mare

    Hi Can anyone give me a clue where I can find this mare Mini Hoofs Liberty Belle black pinto mare 1992 a 48239 Any hints that will lead to her are very much appreciated. She was sold in Texas 3-4 years ago...... thanks Had a thought maybe she was also amhr and is in that registry....can...
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    Miniaturehorse teeth floats and speculum

    Does anybody know where one can find a miniaturehorse speculum and teeth floats?
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    Strange swelling

    Did you use a neck sweat on him?
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    cost of hardshipping amha to amhr

    Can someone let me know what the costs are to hardship AMHA horses into AMHR for a stallion? for a mare? Thanks
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    LWO positive stallions

    Where is the cheapest place to have the test done? Thanks
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    Which mare should I sell

    eeny meeny miny mo ............ Keep the one that is the sweetest.....hard to choose they are so different.... on the other hand I would keep the bay pinto cause she is the most refined and on the other hand cremello make excellent dilutes.... :saludando: On on the latest hand... Let your...
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    New to donkies where to find

    Hi there, I am considering going into miniature donkeys with special colors and very very small.. What are the smallest sizes? Is there a donkey registry like the AMHA. Are they measured at the withers or somewhere else? Do appy donks exist? So many questions because I need to learn before I...
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    PEOPLE! Please look up words before you use them in an ad.

    my horse's name is : INFAMOUS and it suits her!
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    I am extremely upset.......

    How about buying her back again........
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    Foreign objects

    Hang up a dead crow where you do not want them to be and they will stay away from there...
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    Another foal for us....

    Here he is, I was completely surprised by his color, never expected that in a million years.....I am however very delighted..... :lol:
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    Pictures of silver bays!

    Here is my boy, he is fifteen in these pictures and still going strong his name is Kajun
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    pintaloosa baby alert

    I found a pretty little boy hopping around mama, it is her first foal and she did everything by herself.... I like happy stories.... I need a name for this boy..... He is 45 minutes old on this picture, born on mother's day....what a wounderful gift..... :
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    Instead of "painful" Mare stare

    I was thinking of doing this when all the signs are there......also bad idea? I do not mind the waiting, that is not my reason for wanting to get the foals out. It is because, I have too many dead foals. I can not be there for them 24 hours a day, that is all.
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    Instead of "painful" Mare stare

    I was woundering..... due to the high rate of loss of unattended birth by our special little mares. Is it possible to induce labour when one is available and then have the foal delivired on our own timetable? Is this done? If not, why not? If the mare is due why not go get the foal?
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    stallion shakes his head when his halter is put one

    Head shaking in stallion, what can that mean, only does it when he gets to put his halter on and will continue when being led...Is this normal stallion behavior or can it be something wrong with his head?
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    what color

    Sire is SPA = solid palomino Dam is SGD = grey dun Can she be a diluted dun? I do not think she is silver bay, she is not reddish and has no dark points, she is a light gold color How about chocolate palomino?
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    what color

    She has no dorsal stripe and barring on her legs. She is solid, can she be a silver dun? something else?
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    American miniatur horse in norway?

    Hi there, I do not know of any in Norway but there are some in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Mine are in the Netherlands...... Have fun and join the wounderful world of miniature horses, I will be glad to send one to Norway....