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    How's the Weather ?

    Here in CT, as in the rest of the country (the world actually) we are having a very strange winter so far. We have had a record breaking mild and rainy season to date, however tomorrow and Saturday we are going to experience record breaking cold weather. We will have temps of -5 on the...
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    Some photos

    I cringe when I have turn my Mini Cooper S, Turbo, (6 on the floor) over to a valet and they have to ask around to see if anyone can drive a stick! Crazy!
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    Some photos

    Breezy has excellent taste in cars!! BMW's are the best, IMHO. For many years, my second car was a 325 Bimmer (BMW), then they started making them way too big! (Now I drive a Mini Cooper, cuz it's nice and small and really still a Bimmer).
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    I'll try to see if he is in fact, just eating dirt or digging for roots. Thanks
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    Intestinal stones

    I am so sorry. My heart hurts for you.
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    I have read all of the above recommendations from each of you and find them very helpful and will continue to look into them. It appears as though there are several remedies for what ails my boy Cooper, but I fear I will not make the decision as to what to do for him. So, I have decided that...
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    Winter water

    Very interesting. During the winter, I place heaters in all my animals stall buckets as well as the water trough outside the barn. Over the years, I have noticed the donkeys (who share a stall and therefore a bucket) seem to drink a gallon or two every night. The horses, on the other hand...
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    What kind of stalls would you get?

    There's nothing like an old barn. I love it!
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    Wheee! Driving hours 2023

    You drive your donkey!!!!?? My 2, which I've had for almost 12 years are the sweetest things ever, but I can't imagine getting them to drive. I am so impressed and jealous.
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    Hello from Southern Oregon

    Welcome from NW Connecticut!
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    Do people still rescue?

    I also got my 2 minis from a rescue, who allegedly got them from an auction that sells to slaughter houses. I have no idea what the true story about how these rescues get their animals, but it can't be good. I visited this particular foundation for about 7 months before being "matched" to the...
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    I had the vet out to float my boys teeth last week and I noticed on their charts that she rated their conditions both as 6. I didn't really know what that meant. I thought it was 6 out of 10. Thanks for the explanation.
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    Thank you. How do you properly measure the the length of the mini? Middle of chest to tail?
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    Wow, thanks so much for all this information. I will definitely check out the Simply Lite and I really appreciate that you went to the trouble of figuring out the amounts to be given. And Yes, I took a really good look at Rocky today and his belly is looking like he swallowed a barrel. I...
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    What kind of stalls would you get?

    I built my little pole barn with my neighbor 25 years ago. It started as a 20' x20' structure but now has additions off both sides and the back. The right side has 3 open sheds, the left side is an enclosed large grain room and storage area, the back is for extra hay and all my extra beehives...
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    Rosie's Training Journal

    I know absolutely nothing about training or desensitizing horses, so no helpful thoughts from me on that regard. What I do think is that Rosie is super lucky to have you. I admire how much time you spend with her and how you're trying to figure out what she likes and is comfortable doing. I...
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    Basic training for mini gelding

    Noah, I'm glad that you brought up this subject. I'm going to get this book too.
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    Thanks all. Excellent, helpful info.
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    You are right about the Triple Crown, I misspoke. It is Sentinel Care Carb-Guard, which is carried by Blue Seal. I don't know if Blue Seal is Nationwide or not, so you may have never heard of it. Your comment about the 1/4 cup being too little of an amount of grain served twice a day, is...
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    Hello from North Central Idaho! These are my two mares and soon to add a 10 month colt! Love these minis! Hoping to train one to cart.

    Welcome from Connecticut. Your horses are beautiful and very furry!! Must be cold in Idaho. Do you mind sharing their names?