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  1. Jade10

    Ridges - ITS PINK!!!

    Hahaha my Cooper does the same thing with his mane, but at the moment he has rubbed it all out I do love the smokey black colour too though! I am also going to request more pictures please
  2. Jade10

    Ridges - ITS PINK!!!

    OMG!!! I cannot believe i missed this, she is just gorgeous!! Looks like such a fun little girl too. Congratulations! I cannot wait for more pics Here are pictures of my 'Black horse' (I think he is a smokey black) so you can use as a bit of a comparison Pictures on the left where taking the...
  3. Jade10

    Ridges - ITS PINK!!!

    So exciting!! That udder is looking good, come on Sweety please show us your gorgeous spotted baby
  4. Jade10

    It's a FILLY!!!! <3

    Congratulations on your gorgeous girl!
  5. Jade10

    Ridges - ITS PINK!!!

    Oh wow he looks soo handsome!!
  6. Jade10

    CMM *Melody foaled a palomino pinto colt on 3/12/14*

    Awwww congratulations Brave is soo gorgeous with her blue eyes and little 'snip' and Dee is beautiful as well!!
  7. Jade10

    Grants Pass Auction Minis - Katya - colt born June 22

    Oh my he is just adorable, way too cute for his own good
  8. Jade10

    Ridges - ITS PINK!!!

    I love the head shot, very pretty!!
  9. Jade10

    Grants Pass Auction Minis - Katya - colt born June 22

    Congratulations he's gorgeous!! I'm hoping he's grows some spots as he ages Such LONG legs and a gorgeous head too
  10. Jade10

    CMM *Melody foaled a palomino pinto colt on 3/12/14*

    oh your filly is gorgeous, she is going to be quite striking with her dark coat and bright blue eyes and I really do love that little snip(?) on her nose summer and dove are looking great too
  11. Jade10

    Angel, maiden mare's highly anticipated pregnancy!

    Gorgeous photos, she looks like such a little love bug
  12. Jade10

    CMM *Melody foaled a palomino pinto colt on 3/12/14*

    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! They are both gorgeous The mum looks to be silver as well, which is one of my favourites and I love the little fillies nose
  13. Jade10

    Anna's Girls - Updated news.

    I love the little Ferret he is just adorable!!! I'm also quite partial to this little guy/girl? Feel free to send them both to me hehe I just love your herd Anna they are all gorgeous
  14. Jade10

    Redrock Miniature Horse Farm - Dream - maiden appaloosa mare *FOALED* 5/16 *New picture 7/23*

    Congratulations, and such gorgeous colouring!! Cant wait for more pictures
  15. Jade10

    The wait is over for us! Sugar had her baby!! :)

    Congratulations!!! OMG hes soooo little and just too adorable
  16. Jade10

    Maybe, maybe not expecting HMM guessing game UPDATE FOAL IS HERE !!pg11

    Yay for spots!!! Congratulations on your lovely filly
  17. Jade10

    Cinnamon. Rescue mare: **FILLY**!!!!!!!!!

    Shes gorgeous!! Congratulations I love her colour and markings