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  1. wildoak

    Softening HELP!

    Im back to LB after a long absence and thought I would jump in. I know teeth were mentioned but didnt see a response to that. If teeth havent been checked recently Id sure start with that. I have two really good driving horses who get bendy and rigid on me with dental issues. When Blaze came...
  2. wildoak

    Check your trailer balls!

    Always a good idea to check them.. the ball on my trailer nearly came off last year. The nut on the underside had worked loose and I was in a hurry and didn't check it before leaving. I drove 200 miles with 2 horses up I 35, had just exited and pulled up to a light when a very nice guy next...
  3. wildoak

    Black horse problems!

    I've just started a black mare on Black as Knight.... all the reviews say it does help keep coats black. Main ingredient is paprika, which can also be fed alone... or black oil sunflower seeds. The seeds work pretty well but are a generous source of fat. Jan
  4. wildoak

    Would you geld a teenaged stallion?

    Yes, I've done one older guy and will likely be gelding my 16 yr old in the fall. He lives with the same mare due to some colic tendencies and diet restrictions for both, and she hasn't been in foal in 5 or 6 years. I got complacent and didn't give her weight this year much thought..... And...
  5. wildoak

    Hoof Angles - a Must See

    So important to recognize hoof angles. I have a driving horse who normally moves just fine. He spent some time a few months ago with a big horse trainer to broaden his skills, and came home with his stifles sticking. He NEVER has stifle problems, and it was an easy fix - we changed his angles...
  6. wildoak

    Leaving Halters On.....No!

    I've seen the results of halters left on... one in a stall, on a big yearling for "just a minute". He hung it on the hay feeder and broke his neck. Another on a big filly out in the field - neighbors borrowed a foal halter from me, which I was glad to loan and warned them to never leave it on...
  7. wildoak

    Farm & Ranch Insurance... who do you use?

    Going round and round - again - with insurance companies. Even looking at farm & ranch policies, they want to deny us because of "all those horses". Gee, it IS a farm... Have been through Farm Bureau and Germania, currently looking for an alternative. Any suggestions? Anyone use Markel? Jan
  8. wildoak

    Fund Raiser Trail Rides/Concerts in June

    I know we have trail riders out there...... on June 5-7th, there will be a series of trail rides in 5 different states and one in Germany. The rides are sponsored by the TWHBEA and will benefit the Fiona Rose Murphey Foundation, which raises money for children with Osteogenesis Imperfecta...
  9. wildoak

    Colic prone horse, need help- (long post)

    If you have an ongoing case of ulcers then Gastroguard is hands down the best thing to get rid of them. If you are maintaining a horse who is ulcer/colic prone, I've had good luck with Stomach Soother in addition to the other things mentioned. It is natural papaya pulp, stinks but the horses...
  10. wildoak

    Golf Cart Exercise?

    I've ponied for years without any issues, you just need to use common sense and really pay attention. No earbuds, no loose horses, no too loose lead ropes... Just start slow and don't assume anything lol. Accidents can happen - I know of one who broke her neck, but it was an unbroke horse...
  11. wildoak

    Golf Cart Exercise?

    I pony from my golf cart all the time.... have only ever had one horse who didn't get it, she would sit back every few minutes so I gave up on her. My cart is electric, it's quiet and doesn't go all that fast - I love being able to get them out of the round pen, out in the pasture and around...
  12. wildoak

    Where Do You Get Your Boots and Blankets?

    Supreme Equine Design for blankets and sheets, great quality made in Texas and last forever. Jan
  13. wildoak

    Abnormally Low Temp

    Temped 2 other horses normally so I don't think that's the case. Just rechecked her a couple more times, at 94.5 and then 99.8 so I think manure in the way is probably the answer. Aside from that though she's still not quite right, will have to check her through the night now. Jan
  14. wildoak

    Abnormally Low Temp

    Vet did text me that info too...hoping that's the case. Jan
  15. wildoak

    Abnormally Low Temp

    Temped a yearling filly tonight who wasn't eating right, and she temped at 90.7 the first time! My vet said she would be close to death at that temp, to recheck.. Checked 2 other horses with the same thermometer who temped normal.. I rechecked her twice and got 92.7 and 93... still abnormally...
  16. wildoak

    Pony Daycare

    I'm probably 30 minutes from you...and most of my horses live outside winter and summer, with shelter available to them always. Most often their choice is to stand out in the weather instead of under cover, doesn't make sense to me but I'm not a horse lol. Your guy will be fine outside as long...
  17. wildoak

    More Help! Throwing a Fit during Hoof Care

    Be cautious about kneeling... You can't get out of the way quickly if you need to, and It's a good way to get a hoof in the face if you aren't pretty sure of their behavior yet. Otherwise yes, slow and quiet, lots of short sessions every day you can. You do want your horse to be convinced that...
  18. wildoak

    diatomaceous earth

    I've used it on the ground, seems to help with fleas... but do not feed it to anyone. Jan
  19. wildoak

    $3 Mission of Thanks; Thank you all SO much!!

    You should have a paypal donation from me... Jan
  20. wildoak

    Mini mauled by wild animal IN HIS STALL - update June 3, 2014

    Wow, how terrible! Like to think of my barn as a safe place, but I guess you never know for sure... Jan