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  1. lilhorseladie

    Congenital bilateral Lateral patella luxation

    I had a mare with it and we did have the surgery. It was fairly inexpensive and relieved her frustration and pain.
  2. lilhorseladie

    Wow! and Gestation Question for Mini Mule breeders

    She is at 356, and showing signs of being very close! She is really agitated doesn't want to be touched... hip bones are showing, tail carried higher, but no pointy belly, and her bag isn't hard yet, but she is getting closer!
  3. lilhorseladie

    New to donkeys... expecting a mule baby soon.

    This is DonKeyJote. I borrowed him a year ago in March to breed my mini mares and his momma moved and didn't want him back, so he just stayed! He has a baby on the way any day now. I have no idea of his age or anything. Will find out when I have him castrated this summer. The picture...
  4. lilhorseladie

    Going Natural

    I usually just leave mine natural unless I'm taking them out for something. But if they are hanging out at home, I just let them be. Even my big horses, I didn't do bridle paths. I like them that way.
  5. lilhorseladie

    Wow! and Gestation Question for Mini Mule breeders

    The research I did before breeding was that it would be a year to 13 months, but since they have a shorter gestation than larger horses, I was just curious as to how long it might take. She is showing no more signs today than yesterday, but she sure is grouchy and not wanting me poking around much.
  6. lilhorseladie

    Our two newest additions

  7. lilhorseladie

    BTU died yesterday

    He is a legend for sure and will be missed. Blessings!
  8. lilhorseladie

    What do you love to do most with your minis?

    Making others smile when they see them.
  9. lilhorseladie

    #2 foal, appy colt

    He is cute!
  10. lilhorseladie

    Wow! and Gestation Question for Mini Mule breeders

    I haven't been here for a long time. It has been at least a couple years! I often think about folks on here, but haven't been on to check it out! The forum looks great! Anyway, my question is, I have a mare at 353 days, bred to a mini donkey. Does anyone have any idea of the expected...
  11. lilhorseladie

    My first horse..

    I saw one at a garage sale yesterday for a dollar...didn't buy it though.
  12. lilhorseladie

    Therapy Work with Mini's?

    I have visited over twenty different facilities. Goldie and I make 9 visits weekly during the summer, and just two weekly, except special occasions in the winter. We have not gotten certified, I wanted to set it up, but I would have to drive to Desmoines, Iowa for the test. That is a six hour...
  13. lilhorseladie

    Riding horses on roads, streets... What side?

    That is how I am most comfortable, I just wondered if there was a "law" or something about this?
  14. lilhorseladie

    Riding horses on roads, streets... What side?

    I know how this works driving, but when riding, I tend to look at it differently. I would rather see what is coming at me. Is there a rules somewhere about this? I don't do a lot of riding on roads, but enough that I wondered what the protocol was. Anyone know? Are there places to look this...
  15. lilhorseladie

    thought my guys were safe / long sorry

    Wow! Poor horse! I think I would be surprised that a dog would attack those areas and not go for legs and neck areas. I hope you find the culprit soon!
  16. lilhorseladie

    Look what my partner did for me

    Adorable Lyn!
  17. lilhorseladie

    ashley's office visit

    What a lovely girl. You are lucky to have found each other!
  18. lilhorseladie

    Finished my puzzle

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love the way you have framed it and everything!