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  1. Tammie-C_Spots

    Buying a mini unseen out of state?

    I have bought many minis out of state and actually bought one mini and one Gypsy Cob out of the country (UK and Sweden). I had photos and for the mini, a video. I have been pleased with all my purchases. Just remember to ask questions! Tammie
  2. Tammie-C_Spots

    What bloodlines are in?

    Chianti- a timeless favorite (He's a Falabella as well as AMHA and AMHR)
  3. Tammie-C_Spots

    Shaving Heads and Necks in the Winter

    Yes, the head and neck shaved will affect how warm the horse will be. I am in the Northeast and winters are cold so we don't clip at all after September 1.
  4. Tammie-C_Spots

    The Search Is Over....

    Congrats! very pretty!
  5. Tammie-C_Spots

    Did I just mess up?

    Just saw you raise chickens- me too! Love my chickens
  6. Tammie-C_Spots

    Did I just mess up?

    We use stonedust for our paddocks. It's great for muddy areas. I think pea gravel will also work well. Tammie
  7. Tammie-C_Spots

    Who have you bred (or not bred) for 2013?

    I bred my mare I imported from Sweden "C Spots Salvo Import Saga" to C Spots Justins Fortunate Son a few spot appy Looking foward to spots (hopefully!) Tammie
  8. Tammie-C_Spots

    How do you test for Falabella in minis?

    A small Thoroughbred was used as early as the mid 1900s. They have quite a mix of blood to produce what we in today's Falabellas. The foundations of the Falabella herd in Argentina were from wild stock found on the pampas of Argentina. Tammie
  9. Tammie-C_Spots

    Hello!!! New and green and excited!!

    Welcome! What an exciting time for you and your daughter with your new colt I also am on backyardchickens (cspots) Tammie
  10. Tammie-C_Spots

    New and investigating

    Welcome! Others have given you some good information. This is the best online mini horse site to be on Over the years we have done a bit of everything including many nursing home visits. It is so rewarding to see the joy we brought to the clients! Driving is a lot of fun! We've done some...
  11. Tammie-C_Spots

    Digital cameras

    I also have a Cannon Powershot (S3IS) and love it. It does have the capability to take still shots from a video withthe right computer program. I've had mine about 5 years and it was about $450.
  12. Tammie-C_Spots

    what do you think of my boy?

    Great color! Love the lightning marks on his legs and those BIG spots!
  13. Tammie-C_Spots

    My New Addition

    Spray some showsheen on his coat and that should make it easier to brush out and keep it nice looking. congrats on your new boy- he's so cute and cuddly! Tammie
  14. Tammie-C_Spots

    Cold Water/Warm Water??

    I've used a large heated water bucket for years. It keeps it just above freezing.
  15. Tammie-C_Spots

    Transport and Shipping Questions

    I don't use wraps or boots for shipping. I've not had any problems in over 24 years of shipping minis.
  16. Tammie-C_Spots

    What is a Fabella?

    There are only about 2500 pure Falabellas worldwide. They are rare. Those from the Argentine Falabella Ranch have ACCF registration. Those in the USA should have FMHA papers. I've been a Falabella historian for almost 20 yrs. You can visit for more info. My pure mare...
  17. Tammie-C_Spots

    Looking for a shetland in the New England area

    Ivonne Pearson in ME has a nice (I believe black) Shetland stallion - I'll pm her phone #. Tammie ps. I have a super nice childs type 12 yr old white ASPC mare for sale, rides and drives!
  18. Tammie-C_Spots

    What the Auctioneer said

    Market has stayed steady in my neck of the woods (Massachusetts) for appaloosas if not gotten better year after year. I am flooded with calls for mini apps of all sexes and ages. I decided for my own reason to lease or sell most of my horses (all mini apps) and let me tell you that there were...
  19. Tammie-C_Spots

    Ruby Update

    I was glad to hear she passed the placenta, Kris. That's a big step. On her back is a big warning sign so you did as I would- get her as fast as you can to the clinic. When the pain is severe they will do that- particularly foals. Mares will often have some abdominal discomfort and difficult...
  20. Tammie-C_Spots

    Ten reasons you know you are selling the wrong horse

    I have two- When you have decided that you need to let someone go so decide to lease and have someone very interested... you "forget" to reply to the email during the process or take more than a "few" days getting back with answers (still feeling awful about not being right back to interested...