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  1. MiniHGal

    Owners in Central or Northern IL: any interest in participating in a veterinary study?

    Hi LB, I am currently at the University of Illinois as a graduate veterinarian finishing up a residency in equine medicine and we have a couple of research projects starting that involve minis. I have some people that are interested in contributing samples but would deeply appreciate more! The...
  2. MiniHGal

    More Tandem Fun!!

    Hey Amy, Fascination is 16 this year, and Peekaboo is 13 (if I remember right). They're growing up! Oh, just something I remembered to mention...this marathon was a 14 km long one (Training was definitely shorter!) and pretty rocky...I have conventional nailed on steel shoes on Fascination in...
  3. MiniHGal

    More Tandem Fun!!

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate the comments. ;) We'll see what I end up doing, but I may not be driving Fas competitively much any more. I just won't have the time, and she competes at a very high level to continue to do so into her 20's. Performancemini--I've done the jerry-rigged way, no...
  4. MiniHGal

    More Tandem Fun!!

    Cones! Gate #1: With a very ambitious leader. Peeks was extremely forward for cones, and every once in a while she got a little too much in draught. Through a serpentine. And at the end of the event...whew! A close up of Peeks, because she is just so happy getting to trot out front...
  5. MiniHGal

    More Tandem Fun!!

    Hi all, I wanted to share with everyone my last big show for at least the next year. Starting in June, I begin my last year in vet school--the clinical year. Obviously, there is no way I will be showing during clinics, so this is, temporarily, the last one for a while! We went Intermediate...
  6. MiniHGal

    Tandem Fun and Training

    Exactly, Myrna....then the ponies are all confused! ;) I figure they will just have to pay attention to what my hands say. Leia, I got the Comfy Fit for the wheeler because the buckle is 'tighter' to the collar, so I have less sag in the leader traces. Otherwise, she's really shown no...
  7. MiniHGal

    Tandem Fun and Training

    Awww, thanks! I am privileged to have two very talented horses. Myrna, I have them that way pretty much for aesthetics....Fascination is actually a better leader, but she is bigger, has more push, and will not quit (she will pull two people and the Pacific as if it was nothing). Peeks is...
  8. MiniHGal

    Tandem Fun and Training

    I know I haven't posted in a very long time... But, since I have the pictures ready and there isn't a whole lot to say, I figured I would share! This is my tandem, Fascination (wheeler), and Peekaboo (leader). We are gearing up for a CDE in May, so we went for a training day on Wednesday, to...
  9. MiniHGal

    Embryo Transfer Minis into Average Sized Horses?

    Interesting. I don't think it would be appropriate for several of the reasons mentioned (possible breeding of animals unable to birth safely, expense, inability to reach the 'milk bar', etc). However, the study actually reads a little different than what has been said on here. While birth...
  10. MiniHGal

    MiniCrown or Pacific Smart Cart?

    Hi Kelly, The mini with the Smart Cart is 34" at the last mane hair, but 35" at the withers. The other is 36" at the withers. So both somewhat larger, but not maximum height. Hope that helps! Enjoy your new car and horse, when they come! Breanna
  11. MiniHGal

    MiniCrown or Pacific Smart Cart?

    Hi Kelly, I too have both carts and LOVE both of them. Well, technically I have the Aerocrown, not the MiniCrown.... I don't really think you can go wrong with either. In fact, those are the only carts I use to drive in right now because they are comfy, solid, and not so fancy that I fear to...
  12. MiniHGal

    An "Issue" with Salivation

    He's cute! Sounds like he is a stress salivator. I would definitely look into a full mouth speculum exam to see if they can see anything abnormal with his palate. If you want to get expensive and want to try to get to the bottom of it, you could get him to a place that has a treadmill and a...
  13. MiniHGal

    Thelonius -- PHOTOS ADDED

    Oh Susanne, I am so sorry for your (and Mingus's too) loss. I think all of us can sympathize and most can empathize with your heartbreak. As as much as we feel about the heart really goes out to his buddies. I remember your kind, wonderful words when I lost one of my horses...
  14. MiniHGal

    Decided on my cart

    Here is one of the videos of the Aerocrown: . The full video of us competing at Vineyard should be on the side bar...however, that is not the best video because Fascination slipped quite a bit due to the long grass in some of the hazards and not having enough traction. Also, in the water...
  15. MiniHGal

    Decided on my cart

    How fun! Congrats, Amy! I LOVE my Aerocrown!!! I custom ordered it through Celine last year. Only got to compete in a CDE once with it so far, but it performed admirably. Currently I am using it as an every day cart, which makes me cringe when I think about what I paid for it to be a every...
  16. MiniHGal

    Pictures of horses in headstalls with Blinders.

    Coming to this thread a bit late, but figured I would share the blinders that I particularly like of my harnesses. They were custom made by a friend (very long time ago). They were made for more of an A sized horse, so look a little small on Fascination's not-A-sized head. But, the winker...
  17. MiniHGal

    sell or keep my gelding-advise?

    Hi Cathy, If he is the boy in your avatar...I can see the flashiness! But, also, those flashy ones can be very difficult. It's really up to you--and how hard you want to work for a nice driving horse. I will tell you that there are very nice ones that DON'T have the issues but are still...
  18. MiniHGal

    Whats wrong with filly's legs???

    She sure is cute!! To me, from the one picture I saw, she looks like she has possibly ruptured her peroneus tertius tendon in her hind leg. Are both of them like this? It might be congenital, or possibly from a difficult birth, or getting caught in something. The peroneous tertius runs along...
  19. MiniHGal

    Hunter braids

    Thanks Myrna and Kendra..."polished" is definitely something I want our turnout to bring to mind. ;) As to how far in advance I will braid and how long they will stay in...well it depends. Fascination and Peeks have both worn their braids for up to a week. In fact, the cones picture was taken...
  20. MiniHGal

    Hunter braids

    I think most horses can look fantastic and very neat with can do lots of different types. I personally like to do the hunter type braids, done with yarn, but with thick manes, it can be easier to do dressage 'button' braids that are done with bands or sewn in (bands are much...