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  1. Fire's Mall adventure

    Fire's Mall adventure

    I took Fire to the mall this past weekend and she liked it very much :)
  2. miniwildfire


    Is there a pattern of what "brands" of vaccines cause the most reactions. Could someone create a poll so everyone can vote?
  3. miniwildfire

    Fire lays down on me like a dog

    Fire has gotten into the habit now of using me as a mattress. I'll be sitting down in the field reading and she will come over and plop herself down on top of me and play.
  4. IMG 20170415 143923 035

    IMG 20170415 143923 035

    Fire was visiting a local ice cream shop. She loves vanilla and strawberry.
  5. IMG 20170418 141856 428

    IMG 20170418 141856 428

    Fire has taken to coming over while i'm sitting in the field and plopping herself down on top of me like a dog does. She's adorable. She did this 3 times yesterday alone.
  6. miniwildfire

    Hello World :)

    Yukon is 14.1
  7. miniwildfire

    Comment by 'miniwildfire' in media 'Cowgirls Looking 4 Charm as a Weanling'

    How tall is she projected to be?
  8. miniwildfire

    Best Trailer for Mini Horses

    I trained mine when I first got her was to jump into and hop out of my suburban and minivan(yea, funny eh?). She usually is up front with me between the seats watching everything pass by and sometimes lay her head on my arm. She leans on turns just like any other passenger.
  9. miniwildfire

    Is Kevin a Mini?

    A class is 32" and under, B class is over 32" up to 38" in America. Also, it looks like he needs his hooves trimmed. I see a flare ring around the front and hoof wall flares on the sides. Cute pics.
  10. miniwildfire

    Favorite Products

    My owner uses women's' silicone hair shine for detangler and he makes his own sole spray by mixing gentian violet with a little povidone iodine. 3-1 or 2-1 ratio in a small spray bottle. Same and cheaper than thrush buster. Both gentian violet and PI are even human baby safe and this mixture...
  11. miniwildfire

    Healthy hooves

    Yes, those are great websites to learn from. Be sure you understand everything completely before you attempt. Trim less and more often for full size, minis hooves grow slower so needs trimming less often. A little at a time to keep mistakes from hurting your horse. Take them for walks as often...
  12. miniwildfire

    Hello World :)

    Thank you and you're welcome
  13. miniwildfire

    Some Snowy Pics

    I take tufts of hay and walk around the pasture and drop them around. It keeps them moving around for exercise and makes it a bit of a game that they have to use their senses to find the food... helps keep them from getting bored. More movement=healthy hooves
  14. miniwildfire

    Hello World :)

    She will be 1 yo on the 30th
  15. miniwildfire

    Hello World :)

    Yes, look at the profile gallery. Thank you Fire is great around kids and we get mobbed for pictures and petting wherever we go. I plan on working her to take with me as a comfort horse for hospitals and homes and also children's birthday parties but I mainly got her for a companion for me...
  16. Yukon


    One of the last warm days of the year, I shot a lot of pictures that day. I found this one by accident. Out of close to 500 that day only a few made second cut, this was the best. Any professional photographer will tell you that many great photos are either luck or accident. Love my Yukon!
  17. Yukon Running

    Yukon Running

    Photography has always been one of my hobbies, just about as long as my love of horses. Yukon looks at home in the snow, sort of the same conditions her ancestors experienced in the NW with the Nez Perce.