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  1. JMS Miniatures

    Assessing a horse's conformation, experienced breeders' adage?

    Ithoughitwas2 sorrycantspaceforsomereason
  2. JMS Miniatures

    AMHA Worlds

    The arena gave the dates to another registry, so they had to move Worlds to an eariler date, or just move the show all together but they decided to just show the week before Nationals. They also moved their Convention from February to October this year, its going to be in Kansas City.
  3. JMS Miniatures

    How do you do that!??

    I find that if I stand more at their head to pivot it sort of blocks them from thinking of moving forward too much.
  4. JMS Miniatures

    How do you do that!??

    I stand more towards their shoulder to cue them for a side pass and I stand more by their head to pivot them. I get them really good at pivoting their hind and and front end first as well as backing them up. Using your hand isn't best but if they are just starting out do what you need to do and...
  5. JMS Miniatures

    Looking for conformation critique

    I think she is very nice overall. I agree her head isn't as attractive I guess you can say for a halter horse. I agree to position her like you do in the second photo. The first photo you completely loose her hind end.
  6. JMS Miniatures

    Cresty Neck

    Besides exercise sweating the neck itself will help a long with a good low-fat diet.
  7. JMS Miniatures


    I've used this vaccine with no problems. Yes its better to give in the butt muscle as well as working them shortly afterwards. It reduces their chances of getting stiff or sore. The only brand that I've heard so many problems with was Fort Doge but the company has changed since then.
  8. JMS Miniatures

    Favorite Products

    I'm a fan of Ultra grooming supplies, I also like Cowboy Magic and bathe horses with eZall.
  9. JMS Miniatures

    I'd like to know how Hall of Fame works for AMHR

    Basiclly in Halter/Driving you need 5 grands/stake wins and 70 pts, anything else that doesn't have championship classes is just 70 pts. So your mare just needs one more stake win and 36 more points to get her Pleasure Driving HOF. It all depends on how much competition you have on how many...
  10. JMS Miniatures

    Wintering the mini: Free choice hay?

    For winter or off season my minis are on round bales. Yes they are fat, but I'm not concerned about it, as long as they aren't so obese to the point of founder. About the start of spring in March I start monitoring their intake. Say if you have a mini thats 100lbs it would need 2-3 lbs of hay a day.
  11. JMS Miniatures


    I think with imprinting if its done right it can be a positive thing, but it is a process and if you don't fully understand it it can bite you in the long run. With me personally I don't see it beneficial to me as I already start training them at an early age, nor do I have the time to fully...
  12. JMS Miniatures

    Show Halters

    There is no rule against it. I'd repeat what Melinda said. If you are just talking about local shows you should be fine, but like at National level shows you probably want a nicer halter to show in.
  13. JMS Miniatures

    Razoring the pink skinned mini..

    I've seen it done if they have like snips or blazes and it really depends on how it looks on some but at all honesty not worth it, especially if they live outside. They could easliy get sunburned even if clipped with a 30. On my pali blazed face mare the most I do with her is a 40.
  14. JMS Miniatures

    Please help...extremely overweight mini!

    Horses don't necessarily need grain. Yes they need some type of vitamins and minerals but you can find that in a good quality vitamin/mineral tub. I would also go ahead and dry lot them and I would also weigh their hay. As far as alfalfa goes you can certaintly give minis alfalfa but its more...
  15. JMS Miniatures

    Help to desensitize mini?!

    I would use a lead rope at first, kind of throw the rope over her but and then her back legs til she is calm and relaxed. You can also run the rope back and forth. You can also use a plastic bag and go over her whole body with it. But I have a mare who is completely fine with these things but...
  16. JMS Miniatures

    (Poll) Graining Miniature Horses

    It's hard to answer because not all apply. Right now I got two junior horses on junior grain, one is getting fed three times a day. I have a broodmare that is also on junior feed. My other older horses ranging from 6 to 14 are easy keepers and most are show horses and they are just on pasture...
  17. JMS Miniatures


    Imprinting done right can be quite successful but if not done right or well it can cause problems that you will just have to fix. The key is short but frequent lessons and quite honestly with having to work I don't have time for that so I don't mess with it. But I will make time working with...
  18. JMS Miniatures

    Driving six horses

    Doing AMHA, AMHR, or both shows this year? Thinking about doing Nationals or Worlds? You got a very nice team.
  19. JMS Miniatures

    Putting weight on rescue minis

    I personally would consult with your vet as far as nutrition, deworming, and dental work goes considering the condition they are in. On Titus considering his condition the vet may very well want to run some blood work on him. Do you know if the mare was in with the studs? Considering she is in...