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  1. kaykay

    Do any of you sell your arts and crafts?

    Well I guess I have to disagree a bit You do have to get traffic but that is true no matter what you are selling be it crafts, horses etc. The only good thing about the economy going so bad is that people went back to wanting more simpler handmade items verses high tech items. Shoot last year...
  2. kaykay

    Ohio Miniatures Need Your Help

    Hi Today we are giving all the stallions a bath in prep for their gelding tomorrow. I was told all the stallions/geldings are now spoken for (thank goodness!) One baby did not make it. I think this is the only fatality which is a great thing given how bad of shape most were in. The vets did...
  3. kaykay

    Ohio Miniatures Need Your Help

    A wonderful anonymous donor has paid for all of the remaining mini expenses. Thanks to all that called, donated and just sent encouraging words. Its much appreciated I hope to never have to help with a rescue of this many miniatures again! All the stallions are being gelded for free on Sunday...
  4. kaykay

    Ohio Miniatures Need Your Help

    Yes! I just back from Sallys and they took 10 more to her farm. 2 pregnant mares. 1 for sure dwarf that I am really worried about and 2 more that I think are dwarfs and are very thin. I put some pics on Facebook.
  5. kaykay

    Ohio Miniatures Need Your Help

    Hi All! I know its been forever! I got a call to help with a herd of almost 50 miniature horses needing help here in my county in Ohio. Their owner died suddenly and they had to be moved yesterday. A local rescue took most of them and my friend Sally has about 15 of them. Many are in very bad...
  6. kaykay

    Post Your Arts and Crafts Holiday Items for sale Here

    I have crochet items I have some new horse fleece that I will be making this week as the horse blankets always sell quickly and I finally found some new horse fleece. Most of my blankets are baby size but can be made in couch throw size or even twin bed size for adults and teens. Redneck...
  7. kaykay

    SEARS backstabbing the little guy

    It is very expensive and hard to get a patent. Many things you would think you could patent you cannot. Take for instance a jewelry design. You cannot patent that. Or a tshirt design. Etc etc. Wonder if he ran into trouble trying to get a patent? But I am not familiar with the whole story
  8. kaykay

    Stupid Old AMHR Breeder

    Hey LaVern Okay do not have a stroke but I agree with you!! This post isn't going to make me any friends for sure. This continuing sale certainly devalues all AMHR horses. I think most could live with a one year "sale" but two years? And wow if it goes to 50.00? I went to convention and stood...
  9. kaykay

    Body Builder -- Two Weeks Progress

    I am so glad you took the plunge and got him on it. Many people are afraid of the cost but given the results it is worth every penny. He looks so much better. Happy for your both
  10. kaykay

    AMHR National Late Entries

    Tiffany I am so sorry for what you are going through. I truly sympathize. But this Should only be directed to your trainer who neglected their professional duties to get your entries in before the deadline. ASPC/AMHR is not responsible for what paid trainers do or don't do. Please don't...
  11. kaykay

    AMHR National Late Entries

    And this is where confusion comes in. I have been told by 3 directors now that it is and was decided when the entries were rejected and returned and that there would be no BOD vote. I think its time for our President Pat Sanders to make a public statement and put an end to the rumors once and...
  12. kaykay

    AMHR National Late Entries

    Don't anyone have a heart attack but for once Jill and I agree. To devalue anyone's placings at Nationals is a great injustice to those that got their horses qualified, got their entries in and show up to Nationals.
  13. kaykay

    Body Builder Supplement-----> Question added 8/16

    You really will see results. Be sure to give it from the syringe (dont put it on top of grain) That way you don't waste any as it will stick to the feeder. Horses love the taste so much they will come running when they see the syringe. I took in a very underweight sick horse and in 2 weeks on...
  14. kaykay

    AMHR National Late Entries

    To compare 2008 to this is apples to oranges. Totally different situations. 2008 was basically a clerical error (leaving the qualification off the form) that enabled people that knew better to keep their placings on horses that should have never shown at Nationals. Well and some other stuff was...
  15. kaykay

    AMHR National Late Entries

    I have been told by 2 different directors that there will be no BOD vote on this matter. They may discuss it via conference call (although even that is not set in stone) but there is no vote being taken. The entries were denied and returned. I am surprised that many posting in favor of letting...
  16. kaykay

    Putting Weight On/Maintaining Hard Keeper

    Also Equine Body Builder is a great product. Pricey? Yes! Worth it? Yes! Especially if you need to get weight on quickly before winter or a show
  17. kaykay

    Putting Weight On/Maintaining Hard Keeper

    If he was mine I would get him off the sweet feed and the omolene and put him on a good complete feed like equine sr
  18. kaykay

    Help with feeding 4 month old weanling

    Its really best to feed according to the weight and size of the horse and then feed in pounds not cups or cans. Horses should get the majority from forage and like 1 percent from grain. To avoid big bloated weanling bellies I like equine jr. Be careful with beet pulp as many feeds like equine...
  19. kaykay

    AMHR Nationals Late Entries POLL -- Please Vote

    At the end of the day these are real people behind the issues and many may not welcome all the public input and have details of their story told. The BOD is put in a bad spot as they should never discuss specific membership issues in public. But I do think we should all have a clear answer on...
  20. kaykay

    AMHR National Late Entries

    I was told the executive board did not vote on this. The National Show Committee voted to deny the entries. It is just crazy how the story keeps getting bigger and bigger. Remember it hasn't been that long that information or even misinformation could spread so fast and easy. This rule was...