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  1. Astefanelli32

    Hauling a single mini

    That's a very good point. We can definitely build something to cover the front. We don't have large horses anymore, so it doesn't matter if we need to modify the trailer. Thank you for the help. I appreciate it
  2. Astefanelli32

    Hauling a single mini

    Thanks for the info! Our trailer has a divider that comes out so it would essentially be a box. If I add tie rings it would be fine for one mini?
  3. Astefanelli32

    Hauling a single mini

    Hi, I am in the process of purchasing a weanling mini. I have an older mini that I do not trailer (our vet is our next door neighbor), but I am wanting to show my new guy and was wondering what is the best way to haul him. I do have a 2 horse trailer, but is that the best way to transport him...