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    AMHA Live Feed

    Anyone know where the URL for the AMHA Live feed is?
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    Historic drive AMHA World Show

    As a competitor who has participated in this class for many years and won several times I watched this run. There was not a doubt in my mind that she won. Absolutely flawless run. Congratulations.
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    PVC Training Cart Ideas

    Wow my past comes back to haunt me. Yes I built that many years ago. I would suggest not attaching singletree. Just let it rest in the tugs. If/when the horse spooks and takes off it will come off. I have had several of these turned into an IKEA kit in a matter of seconds.
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    Bit Thingie??

    Its called a cheek and my uneducated assumption is that it keeps the bit from rolling over.
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    Driving Trainer/Instructor - Tomball

    I am not a trainer or instructor but I am a knowledgeable driver in the Tomball/Cypress area and I would be glad to assist you.
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    Weight Question

    I weigh 250 and regularly drive my 32-34" minis in competition. I have even taken passengers. Don't go in deep sand and you will be alright. Remember the weight is not on them if the cart is balanced. They are just rolling it. If the cart is balanced the balance will stay the same no matter the...
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    Who does CDE?

    You can. I have competed against horses, donkeys and mules. Even mini ones. The ADS rule book is online.
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    Who does CDE?

    If that is directed to me I don't have any experience with either. I have a Pacific Smartcart that I haven't used for some time because I am using two 4 wheel carts (Tadpole and Glinkowski). Make sure you have steel wheels and a good flexible suspension. If they offer wheel guards (tree guards...
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    Who does CDE?

    The cricket would be an excellent choice.
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    Who does CDE?

    Go to (Chimacum Tack) and read my 3 part article on CDE's. It is entitled "Ever drive a VSE" and look at Omnibus. It lists all the events. Horses do not need to be registered Go to an event and volunteer (always welcome) before you spend a lot...
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    Hardshipping into AMHA

    Not just a Certified Measurer but a current or past director who has a measuring card or a current Show Steward.
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    Hardshipping into AMHA

    It is however a specific process requiring an inspection, official measurement by an appropriate Certified Measurer and DNA collection at a show with the officials present. Read the section in the rule book and just eliminate the AMHR requirement. And it can be expensive.
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    Do you currently own miniature horses?

    I believe we are down to 45 minis, 2 Shetlands and 1 Welsh.
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    Ideal CDE Harness

    New never used Ideal CDE Harness. Synthetic and Stainless. Fits 10-11 hh Pony. $1,000. Message me for pictures.
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    Little more cart help, please!

    Cant really see it in this picture but it looks like your shafts are way too far forward. The tip of the shaft should not extend past the point of the shoulder. That would make the footman's loops be in the correct location. In addition since the space between the singletree and the horses rear...
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    Tandem driving rig ?

    It hangs like a curb chain (note: the judges at this World Show had no clue what it was and even asked my wife, the groom, what it was).You also see it on four in hands and often on pairs. Get a rein caught on the adjacent horses bit and you have a real problem. The closer the better on pace...
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    Tandem driving rig ?

    About the traces you will notice that they are not attached to the cart. They actually clip to the wheeler's breast collar. Pulling is not an option. Also notice the bit guard on the wheeler. Its a piece of plastic tubing slipped on to the cheeks of the bit. It keeps the leaders traces and reins...
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    Tandem driving rig ?

    That would work fine until you tried to turn. In any case that is not the purpose of a tandem. The lead horse does no pulling at all. He simply goes along. In driving the tandem the objective is to keep the leaders traces hanging slightly. The purpose of the tandem was to put the Hunt horse in...
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    Newbie Questions

    Where are you located. Someone on here probably knows someone that can help you.
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    Competitive driving

    CDE's are great fun. Have been doing it for years and with four its even more fun. Keep it up.