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  1. RobinRTrueJoy

    gelding older stallions

    There are just so many minis for sale, and homeless that I havent bred any of my lovely mares for two years. ( and I have always had a policy that if I couldnt afford to keep, feed and vet the babies that I wouldnt breed). I have my dream stallion, a 32 inch blue eyed, black homozygous pinto...
  2. RobinRTrueJoy

    Splash bred to splash.... any problems?

    I just found out that there is a DNA test for Splash. Can anyone tell me if there are any problems breeding splash to splash? I have had all mares and my stallion LWO tested and they are negative. Thank you, Robin
  3. RobinRTrueJoy


    I think she is my favorite so far!!!!
  4. RobinRTrueJoy

    stallion contract ideas needed

    Hello all, I need ideas for stallion contracts. I have a friend who wants to use my stallion to breed to her mares. He would go to her farm for the season. How much do I ask? Who is responsible if my stallion gets hurt? What happens if her mare gets hurt? Live foal garentees? He is...
  5. RobinRTrueJoy

    guard animals

    Bev, Wouldnt the emell of the urine scare the sheep? Robin
  6. RobinRTrueJoy

    Cichad killers(look like wasps)

    Around the barn yards are dry lots with a lot of sandy soil. For the past three years we have these wasp like cicada killers. They are huge and scarey looking and buzz around, but they are peaceful and really are not a problem. But they do make me nervous because of their looks. I am afraid that...
  7. RobinRTrueJoy

    HEAT waves and abortion

    We are heading into another extreme heat wave in NJ, and most of the country has been in a terrible heat wave too. Last summer, I was sure that the two mares that I bred took. They didnt cycle, the others not bred did. Towards the end of last summer, we had a brutal heat wave and a few weeks...
  8. RobinRTrueJoy

    I painted a sign!

    Cool Sign, Robin! You are so talented. I think you are the best,Sis!! Hugs, Robin
  9. RobinRTrueJoy


    My Day Lillies are blooming. They make me smile! My favorite mare is feeling better after a bout of colic... we had a horrible storm and I think thats what started it. Robin
  10. RobinRTrueJoy

    What are your barn rules?

    I forgot.... Hubby is not allowed to talk to potential clients about prices, or anything pertaining to my horses. He is a great guy but he can't tell one horse from another!!! Robin
  11. RobinRTrueJoy

    What are your barn rules?

    No one goes into barn area without us. Gates are shut and chained, even if I am only going in for just a second. Feed room is always double locked. No one smokes under threat of DEATH. I never let any of the 4 H girls in with my adult stallions, even though they have always been well...
  12. RobinRTrueJoy


    Hi Jill... I have used it for the usual uses, bringing milk in after foaling etc... but it was my vet's idea to try it on an open mare. This one was always a great mama, and loved every mares babies. She accepted the orphan without any hestitation... Funny... The vets at New Bolton center were...
  13. RobinRTrueJoy


    I used it on a NON Pregnant mare in order to bring milk in so that she could adopt and feed an orphan colt of mine. Mama had died right after foaling. It took 3 days for her milk to come in. It is a wonderful drug. Saved me a HUGE amount of work. I ordered it (with the vet's prescription) from...
  14. RobinRTrueJoy


    Congratulations on your little "early bird" Anna!!! So glad that all is well!! New baby looks alot like Dragon!!! How lovely! Kisses for Dragon!!! Hugs, Robin
  15. RobinRTrueJoy

    Perfect compliment to our Mini Horses

    Ok, I NEED one of the tiny giraffes.... but what I really WANT is a miniature elephant. Why doesn't someone come up with one of them!!! LOL!!! I love that commercial!! Robin
  16. RobinRTrueJoy

    Blind Stallion

    Thank you Matt, I watched with tears in my eyes. Robin
  17. RobinRTrueJoy

    Sphynx cats... Does anyone have one or breed them here?

    Thanks all for your thoughts on the naked kitties. I have been reading ALOT about them. I do like vocal kitties, and have read that they need weekly baths or at very least baby wipes a lot because of their oily skin. The $1500 price tag is daunting though, especially when there are so many cats...
  18. RobinRTrueJoy

    Flat tire! now what?

    I bought my No Flats tubes at Wal Mart, not expensive at all, but I had a bike repair guy come to the house and install them, He knew what he was doing but it was hard even for him. Well worth it!
  19. RobinRTrueJoy

    Sphynx cats... Does anyone have one or breed them here?

    My last house cat, Jack, died two years ago of renal failure/old age. We had to euthanize him. He was an ornage cat. I still really miss him. Latlely I have been thinking of getting another cat. I have always rescued, but this time I would like a Sphynx. They are hairless cats. I actually might...
  20. RobinRTrueJoy

    Conjunctivitis in a newborn foal

    Can be a couple of things... Eyes get red from the squeezing pressure of being pushed through the birth canal. Usually resolves ok without intervention, but ask the vet about eye intment.... could be a scratched cornea... you don't want to mess with that, call the vet and see about antibiotic...