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    Anything goes -If you cannot take the heat Do Not Read.

    Sounds like business is slow...
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    Thank You from W W Miniature Horse Farm

    I'm glad you guys are doing okay - thank YOU for all you have done for us! You guys are the best. Love the updates!! Liz N.
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    Feeding Garlic- what are people's thoughts?

    I've used Equi-Garlic for a long time and love the results! I sprinkle one scoop on the feed per day, and I am very happy with the results. Not only does it keep the flies away, but it's also a great anti-oxidant as well! Liz
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    Some dog health questions answered

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us - you are very lucky to have her nearby to help with your fur-kids! She seems very knowledgable, kind and compassionate - you are very blessed!!!!
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    New Member.... Got my New Mini today

    Very nice!!! Welcome from sunny Southern California!
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    Island of the Blue Dolphins

    That was one of my favorite childhood books!!!!
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    The mini world lost a special breeder yesterday, Susan Hopmans

    Oh no, I am so so sorry to see this post. She was an incredible person and will be missed by many... Liz N.
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    Rest in Peace, Amy

    I am so, so sorry for your loss, Marty...
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    ANOTHER New Puppy, Big & Fluffy Too (Pyrenees x Golden)

    Jill, I am so sorry for your loss. I know how much you love your family members and losing them just leaves an empty hole behind. You have such a big heart and I'm glad you were able to share your love with a new never replaces what you lost, but I couldn't imagine life without dogs...
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    Dog having seizures!! HELP

    Very sweet picture of you two!!!
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    Himalayan Salt Lamps

    The Amazon reviews looked pretty good, though!! If you end up getting one, let us know how it worked out!
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    Himalayan Salt Lamps

    I haven't, but it sure does look interesting!
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    Best Shedding Blade?

    The first one on your list looks perfect! I use it on the big horses, the minis and the dogs - it's great!
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    Best Shedding Blade?

    Hands down, by far ... the Furminator is the best!!!! Liz N.
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    ROKU... do you?

    Plus the movies are very much up to date - we just watched Zero Dark Thirty and Argo!
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    ROKU... do you?

    We've had Roku for a couple years and we LOVE it!!!! It's a great value and since we are busy and don't have time to watch TV or movies, it's great for when we do have the time! Liz N.
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    RIP Luna

    I am so sorry for your loss
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    Eye infection? Opinions/treatment

    If you need help applying the medication, please contact your vet for assistance.
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    Why Do You Breed or Why Have You Stopped?

    I had a partnership with someone for many years, and not only did I disagree with their breeding practices, but we then ended up with a dwarf. After seeing what I saw from breeding miniature horses, I had enough and got out completely. There are too many unwanted horses tossed aside that need...
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    Anyone else heard of Redmond Rocks??

    My minis and full size horses love them - I've completely switched over to using them exclusively!!!!