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    Colt yesterday, Filly today

    Thanks, she does look like her Dad, will see a bit better as she unfolds. You're welcome to come see her in person you're just down the road a bit.
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    Babies out together

    We put the babies out to play, the newest is only a day old so maybe she'll join them this weekend.
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    Not positive this is a good link, but you can try it. Here is one for the "bud nippers" Oh, Jill we think we're going with your suggestion on the name for the new Colt. Have to get out there and get some pictures. Thanks.
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    Happy Birthday SHERYL (Irish Hills Farm)

    Keep it up Sheryl and your going to catch up to me Happy BirthDay
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    Yesterday was not too bad, got to let the babies out. Opps, forgot this picture Sheryl would be upset Then this morning this is what we have It could have been worse, they were saying 6-10"
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    You mean Edamame ? Never tried it.
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    New pictures

    I haven't taken any pictures in a while so I got some this morning of Filipowicz Twilight Time (Tehya)
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    Little Joke

    I received this in an email, thought it was funny. YOU KNOW YOU ARE LIVING IN 2009 when.... 1. You accidentally enter your password on the microwave. 2. You haven't played solitaire with real cards in years. 3. You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of 3. 4. You e-mail...
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    Fox news is no better than the lying trash tabloids...

    Didn't watch the clip, we have dial-up and would take forever to download. I think that Fox News is the least biased of the news networks. They have shows/people on there that give BOTH sides of the story. You will always get some bad with the good. That's just my opinion.
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    Spring Is Here :)

    Wow, they're both a couple of "lookers" Fran said that boy is nice, I agree. Not to say that Mare isn't, she is also.
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    Our first foal of 2009.....

    Have to keep Fran away.......that's her favorite.........Buckskins. Can't wait until she "unfolds".
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    President Obama

    That is correct, both parties are to blame for it. With this "omnabus" don't know if I spelled it correctly? Both parties have almost 9000 "pork bills" added. Republicans had a chance not to vote for them and went along with the is just a mess that I hope gets fixed soon. Both sides...
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    Photo programs

    There are quite a few. If you are using Windows XP there is "paint" on your computer, it comes with the operating system. I think Vista also has a built in one? Microsoft has been doing some commericals about another "free" one. It shows a little girl fixing pictures and emailing them. Picasa 3...
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    Magic Jack

    Don't know who has or is thinking about getting this program/product {} but before you do you may want to go here and read about it before you try it. I was thinking about it but not now
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    Pictures of New House & Barn

    Very nice looking place, best of luck there.
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    Our week old Filly

    We name foals with Foulk in the name because the sire is Grahams Classic Entertainer owned by Arlene Foulk. I try and include one part of the sire name into the foals name so we know who the sire and sometimes the dams name. The Dams name in this case is Twilight Sentinal. This was the last...
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    Our week old Filly

    Wrong name, it's Fran & Walter. Filipowciz Farm
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    Area 2 Meeting

    Wishing everyone going a great time. Have to many mares that are due around that time.Sending something down for the auction.. Have fun.
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    Our week old Filly

    Our first filly of the season (waiting on more foals) we decided to call her Tehya (tey-ah ((suggested by a friend)). She was in the stall with Mom for two days because it was raining here and very windy. Let her and Mom out when the sun came out. She seems to Love the Mud. Then yesterday...
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    1st Foal for Amazing Grace Miniatures - It's a FILLY

    Very Nice, congrats. I don't know about colors but sounds like Arlene might be right.