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    My gift got here today--all the way from Italy. The necklace is very pretty and the bookmark is as pretty as it is unique. Chocolates are awesome. They taste wonderful. Thank you so much for you wonderful gift, Eagle ( Renee) So thoughtful and different. Almost forgot the box you packed it...
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    So glad you like it all. I almost kept the mug. LOL I hope you don't mind making your own Brown Bread but it is so much better fresh than a week old. Have a Great Christmas.
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    Secret Santa gift wrapped and mailed. Supposed to arrive on Tuesday. If you get a package from me, Angie Foy, you can open it because everything inside is wrapped separately. Of course, you can open them as soon as you get them cause heaven knows I would. Enjoy.
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    I can't think of much that I did not put on my original list. I enjoy clear 20 oz drinking cups with screw on lids and matching straws. Nothing fancy--the cheap kind that walmart and other stores sell. I also like many kinds of salted or sweet nuts--just not spicy. I enjoy jellies and jams...
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    Have a question about after gelding a colt

    I have some mares that will show to my old geldings that have been geldings for 10 years or more. Most of my geldings could not care less, but one or two will get all into themselves and act like studs. I always kept the newly gelded boys away from the mares for at least 6 to 8 weeks. Not...
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    Round pen size

    All mine are 38" and under and my round pen is 26' across. It works good for us. We also have a pen out back that is 60' by 140' for driving and learning walking manners ect.
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    How many have stopped breeding?

    We haven't had a foal since 2011 and we still have him. We are hoping to find him a home, but are in a position to keep him till we find the right home for him. We have a bunch of horses--45--right now and many of them are mares. About a third are geldings as we don't sell many (if any)...
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    Performance horse age - when is it time to retire?

    I have a couple of 15 yr old geldings that love to drive and jump. One was broke as a long 2yr old to drive, but only line driving and pulling and empty cart till he was 3. The other wasn't even in a harness till he was 5. They are half brothers and I often take them to my cart ride jobs...
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    Do you feed hay in trailer while traveling?

    When we haul our horses for up to 8 hrs or so, we do not give them anything to eat during the ride. We really haven't gone any farther up to now. They always get a small amount of grain before we get on the road and they have hay and water all night. When we get where we are going, the first...
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    I, too, but my stall halters from starlake. For harnesses and other things for show ect, I will buy from either Starlake of Ozark mountain. Just depends on what it is and the price.
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    GOT MY 100% AT LAST!!!!

    I was your secret santa, Miniaddict21, and I am so glad you like your gifts. I know I did not follow your wish list very well. I do pray that your Grandmother starts to heal quickly. It is so hard when a loved one is in the hospital. Take care of yourself too and have a good Christmas.
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    GOT MY 100% AT LAST!!!!

    I just checked my tracking numbers. Both my gift and fancyshadow's gift show that they have been delivered. I hope they got to the right places.
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    The Show Look

    I didn't see the part about jumping classes. Since it is usually warm during the jumping and hunter classes, many ladies will wear neat slacks and some sort of running type shoe. Most will wear a nice neat blouse or shirt of some sort and many are short sleeve but not sleeveless. It is also...
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    The Show Look

    If you get the AMHR journal or the AMHA book, look in there for some good photos of neatly put together horses and exhibitors. I realize that most are professional photos and taken at the bigger shows, but it will give you a good idea. Just be sure you don't get in a hurry and skip the small...
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    GOT MY 100% AT LAST!!!!

    My secret santa was on the ball this year and sooo good to me. It is from Sherry Secor. Not sure of her forum name cause that is the only name on the card. She is making sure I am warm with a blanket and a sweatshirt. She also is making my dogs happy with a toy and some treats. The clips...
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    $3 Mission of Thanks; Thank you all SO much!!

    This is still available. I will make a bag that is at least 15" by 15" with your ribbons. .
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    Two miniature horses in one stall?

    I still say to be very careful putting two horses in the same stall. I have been at shows where people put two together and say they are together all the time and since I sleep in the stalls at most shows I see and hear things that most owners do not. There is nothing more scary than a horse...
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    At 48, is it too start living a dream? Update 2013!

    I am going to be different than most of you. I NEVER wanted a horse. I did ride one as a teenager and it took off with me on it's back. Being totally inexperienced, I managed to hang on till it stopped and did not ever want to do that again. The minis were something my father in law wanted...
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    $3 Mission of Thanks; Thank you all SO much!!

    Made my donation for the match.
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    Upset about Buyer

    And since I Personally know Cindy, I will refute any derogatory statements I see about her. Cindy, You are one of the most kind and conscientious people I have ever met. If any of you do not know Cindy, you are missing knowing one of the most wonderful people in the equine industry. I am so...