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    Area VI show

    The MCSBA is getting really excited about the Area VI show and have all the classlist and premium book on where you can print out your entry and send it to Merry Wicke. We are thrilled that Melissa Roberts will be our photographer and you can get your winning photos from...
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    Area VI show

    Attention........all exhibitors that are interested in the Area VI show going to be held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on May 30,31 and June 1st. A new and final full class listing is going to be available on as soon as possible. MCSBA is very excited about this show being in a...
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    Area VI show

    We will be adding open, amateur and youth in age groups for Hunter and jumper classes for the ASPC The MCSBA will let you know when you can download the new classlist as soon as possible.
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    Area VI show

    I do not think the ASPC hunter and jumper were added this year since we have never had entries. If we had been asked before the sanctioning, we could have added them for you. It isn't possible to offer Every single class for Every division so need entries in order to make them viable. We can...
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    Area VI show

    Are you looking for all of the AMHR jumping and hunter classes? They are Friday morning..........all of them........... Hope this is what you are looking for. and for anyone wanting the classlist on the website.........It has been redone and under the old format that everyone should be able...
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    Area VI show

    The MCSBA club has the new class list and premium book up on their website for everyone to see and download. Many many many classes with all the old ones as well as new. We are offering 3 age group youngster grooming classes this year with some neat prizes for the winners...
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    Area VI national show

    Yes, Sandee there is a lead line class for shetlands and also miniature. I think that every class we have always had are listed along with the required classes.
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    Area VI national show

    We have a photographer coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and have a blade sharpener coming!!!!!!!!!! and a tack shop coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lots more to announce as we go along....... So excited about this show and offering all the classes required and more.................. Come on Spring...
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    Area VI national show

    The Midwest Classic Shetland Breeders Association (MCSBA) wants to invite everyone to the Area VI National show that will be held May 30,31st and June 1st in Cedar Rapids, Iowa at the Iowa Equestrian Center. This is a new venue for us and completely under one roof so we won't have to worry about...
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    Racoons and Foxes - problems!

    Try baiting your traps with marshmellows.............that is something that cats won't eat but Coons love.
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    Fly spray mare with new foal?

    Flies do not like to land on oil so put some mineral oil mixed with a little listerine to dilute it and spray it on the foal. I have even taken straight mineral oil and put it on a rag and rubbed their legs and back with oil. Works on humans too...........rub your legs or arms with baby oil or...
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    Hi Everyone, Just want to let everyone know that the class list and premium book may be downloaded at We are offering $1500 cash on 20 classes and have a special gift for all the youth exhibitors to be given to them on Sat. morning. A free exhibitor supper will be...
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    Educate me about Shetlands?

    Dear Tremor, Thank you for liking Royal Red Viking as he was my father's head herdsire for many years. We lost him this year at age 32. It is hard to put into enough words to convey Classic, foundation and modern and I would love to show you the differences at our farm. You are always welcome...
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    MCSBA Waterloo, Iowa show

    Hi All, Just want to remind you all to get your entries in to the Waterloo, Iowa MCSBA show held May 25th - May 27th. There are classes for EVERYONE, halter and performance in Miniature A & B, Classic over and Under, Foundation, Modern, Modern Pleasure and ASPR. You can sponsor any class in...
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    HI everyone. Just wanted to announce that the Waterloo, Iowa Memorial Day weekend show has been sanctioned and the class list and premium book is available on our MCSBA website, May 25,26 and 27th. If you can't download it or reach the site and need a book, just contact me and I'll e-mail or...
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    Hot Water Hoses need info please

    When you say "hot water hose" are talking about the heated hose that doesn't freeze in the winter for filling buckets? That doesn't heat the water, it just keeps the hose from freezing. The hose is electrified so the hose doesn't freeze. If you need hot water for bathing the horses, than you...
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    Waterloo, Iowa Memorial Weekend Show

    HI Everyone......... Want to announce that the final class list is being made and sent to the office so we are ready to announce that the Waterloo, Iowa Memorial Day weekend show will be held May 25th through May 27th. There is a FULL slate of classes for everyone...........ASPR, Modern ...
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    Donna Norcross

    It will be with great pride to wear such a beautiful pin and earrings. They are fabulously done and what a tribute to Viking. Even now that he is gone, we will have the memories lingering on because of such a great item. It is hard to find the words to discribe the feelings that we share both...
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    Show plans 2011

    We are celebrating my Mom's 90th birthday in Waterloo and she'll be there...........Bring your mom and have her show and we can all have a good time and eat cake. Sounds like they would get along great.....both full of vim and vigor.
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    Show plans 2011

    The MCSBA Spotlight, Waterloo, Iowa show would sure love to have everyone come and join them in having fun. There are non-rated Golden Oldie 10+ classes for every sex in every division............and a $25 cash prize for first place.............We are offering 483 classes so everything for...