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    Aloha! Any others from Hawaii? Looking to buy Driving/therapy minis!

    I am on Oahu as well and have minis, I am training a few to drive now. We should meet up one day... I think I was on a conference call with you with 4H once. :) Kim
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    Aloha New Member here

    I posted once before but I never introduced myself. I am a mini owner in Hawaii. I have 4 minis right now and one that is soon to born. I came here looking for info on birthing and found lots of great information. I own Aloha Riding Lessons, LLC and Aloha Minis. I teach horsemanship to adults...
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    How many are expecting foals in 2020?

    Just one for me but my very first.... due this coming week. I am not ready!!!! This is way worse than why kids being born.