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    I voted and put a comment and it didn't show up. Only see comments from yesterday. Hmmm?
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    Searching for Information

    Hello Lindi-Loo - I am the breeder of Formal Affair. I sold him over seas as a youngster. He is not an import from Lucky Four Farms. He was never shown here in the US. Don't know if he was ever shown in Europe. If you would like any other infomation, feel free to send me an email at...
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    Transporting Minis/Ponies in a van

    I transport my minis in a Ford 1500 8 passenger cargo van. Have been transporting this way for years. Before that, I used a Dodge minivan. The tallest horse I have put in it was 37" and she wasn't able to lift her head up. I would not recommend using a regular cargo van for anything larger...
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    Here is a link abt Dallisgrass: Appears to be better suited for cattle to me.
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    Information on horses in this pedigree?

    DNA will not tell you what color a horse is. By his mousey brown color I'm pretty sure he does carry 1 creme gene. So I would agree with Smokey silver black.
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    Question on the color Grey

    I have a grey stallion, Dandy. Love him to death. Looks and prances like a little Arab. He is 21 this year and has no signs of melanomas. Also have a mare with the grey gene that is 7 this year and no melanomas.
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    NaKar Auction?

    Hi Melissa - No, I did not let Mia go. I will probably breed her this year. Haven't decided to who yet.
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    NaKar Auction?

    Hello Pam and fellow Lil Forum members - To answer your question, I did not let any of the horses go at the bid amounts submitted. As I explained to several people that contacted me about as to whether or not I had reserves, I did not have any set reserves on the horses. What I would be...
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    What Age Do You Start Breeding Your Mares

    When I first started in minis I would start breeding young mares at 3 years of age. After having been doing this for going on 17 years, my thoughts on breeding at such an early age have changed. I now prefer to wait until they are at least 4 or 5 years of age to breed. I have noticed a...
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    Our Newest Addition

    I saw her at Christy's when I visited. I didn't get her because she was soooo little. She is in foal with her first baby I believe. Sure hope she foals without any problem. I just don't do the tiny ones anymore. Too nerve racking. Congratulations, she's a really cutie!
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    Who else gets tired....

    I also have to agree that not all "professional" photos are doctored. None the photos on my website have been altered. You have to remember that the photos that are taken are what that horse looked like in that split second it was taken. I have taken photos of some of my horses myself and was...
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    My horses went through both Katrina/Rita and Gustov. Both times I let my horses have access to go out in to the pasture. Surprisingly most stood out in the pasture with their butts against the blowing rain. They have a keen sense of hearing. They would take off running if a limb/tree top...
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    Could I have some opinions

    Looks as if he is getting his 2-3 yr old tooth bumps. It may be possible that might cause a bite to change a bit. I would have vet or equine dentist take another look.
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    Question- AMHA From Temp to Perm Status

    What I was told by the AMHA office is that if the papers have a 5 year old permanent date, then you don't have to bring permanent until then. No penalty involved. If you want to do it when they turn three you can.
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    Any good deals on plain nylon halters?

    Thanks everyone. I have contacted KayJay. They had what I was looking for.
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    Any good deals on plain nylon halters?

    All my halters seem to be disappearing. I like the plain nylon kind. I don't think we are supposed to name name's here, so if you know where I can get a good deal on some I would appreciate it if you would PM me. Thanks in advance. Karin
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    Late term abortion and the mare isn't cleaning

    Dr Taylor - Yes, this technique has been around for a while, but just has not been utilized much. There seems to be renewed interest in it. You are correct that no one treatment is going to be 100% every time. That is why every situation is not the same and may require the use of different...
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    Late term abortion and the mare isn't cleaning

    There is no actual time limit on the use of the Burn's technique. The controlling factor is if the placenta is still able to hold the fluid and the cervix is still open enough to get in. I would say that by day three it would not work. By that time the placenta has started to breakdown...
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    Late term abortion and the mare isn't cleaning

    Tell the vets to try the Burn's technique. It is where they would fill the placenta with saline fluid trying to create a type of "water balloon". This technique has been used on two of my mares and they expelled the placenta pretty quickly. Just had this done two weeks ago to a maiden mare...
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    Dilution rate

    1:3 dilution rate is what normally is used. 1 cc of mares milk to 3 cc of distilled water. Just wanted to add that make sure you are using fresh distilled water and pool test strips. The strips you may have used last year can give you false readings.