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    Donna Norcross

    Wow, Reo. Someone was telling you to finish it.
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    Looking into some ASPC Mares

    Tremor, you can email me @ [email protected]
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    Put my horse down yesterday

    I am so sorry! but you gave him the best gift any animal owner can give. The gift of a dignified and quick passing. <<HUGS>>
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    training a foal to pick feet up

    We start picking up feet and handling ears at birth. Every day twice a day we rub the foals down, cradle them, and start holding feet up and ears. Our week+ colt is an old pro now and just lets me do it because he knows I won't stop and until he's quiet. Our just a week old colt still hasn't...
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    Male Anatomy

    It depends on the horse. Some are shy and hide them (suck them up - which stallions do when breeding) and some are proud like our 7 day old colt with the biggest set I've ever seen on a foal! your vet should be able to ultrasound to see if its actually there or a cryptochid.
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    standing your stallion at stud

    In this industry, it is difficult to stand stallions publically. Mainly because everyone and their brother has a stallion they think should reproduce. I have operated the ASPC Classic Stallion Sweepstakes Auction for several years now and it is difficult to get bidders to bid on stallions...
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    Chablis and Rosie

    Just think, import them to Australia and be on the cutting edge of the shetland industry there! Sorry, I'm such an enabler and I would LOVE to see one of mine imported to another country. Ah, one could dream couldn't they. My hope is they find good homes that show them to their full...
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    Chablis and Rosie

    Thank you! You know, they told me they'd love to live in Australia!
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    Chablis and Rosie

    Yes, Tanner looks to be sooty buckskin. Its not easy getting pictures like that! Wears me out. Lol!
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    Chablis and Rosie

    Well, you learn something every day! Yes, I am very chuffed despite having colts!
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    Chablis and Rosie

    I don't know what chuffed means, but I'm very HAPPY with the boys! Wings both boys are consigned to the Shetland Winter Production Sale with very low transport could be quite affordable! During the day the camera is now set up on the field behind the mare barn. Its not very...
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    Chablis and Rosie

    Pictures and Names!! Pondering Oaks Vino Happynfluence (Vinny) Pondering Oaks Im Buckin Happy (Tanner)
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    Classic Stallion Sweepstakes Auction!

    Just a reminder that we have some AWESOME stallions lined up for the Classic Stallion Sweepstakes this year! Auction is currently running and is for breeding services in 2012. The resulting foal crop will be shown at the 2013 Congress! Classic Stallion Sweepstakes Auction Stallions nominated...
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    Chablis and Rosie

    Yes, there is no wrong or right way. For weak ligaments though it is veterinary recommended to stall rest those foals until they "stand up" correctly. I'm jealous you have grass Anna! I'm in TX and we have been suffering from an exceptional drought this year. We have no grass at all.
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    Chablis and Rosie

    They'll stay in until I'm home to watch them on the first turn out. We've had foals run into fences, get under fences, and mares get violent with each other at first. Even best friends. So, for their safety, we keep them in until we're there to supervise. Plus, both foals need some ligament...
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    Swimming with Dolphins

    I swam with them in Cozumel and it was awesome!
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    Chablis and Rosie

    No problem Castle Rock! I'm equally as HAPPY to see the creme gene. Its a wonderful surprise! Ok, names....I always have a hard time picking names for colts. Bay: Happy Vino Hooligan Vino Happy Vin Brule Hooligan Vin Brule Happy Wine Talkin' (came up with this after drinking a glass of...
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    Chablis and Rosie

    Happy is apparently a smokey black. Still a true black as he's homozygous for black. He will always produce black based foals. His sire, Wilk Wind Walker, has buckskin get on the ground. Rosie is a bay. The colt apparently inherited the cream gene and ONLY the sabino gene! Talk about the...
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    Chablis and Rosie

    Interesting piece of info....apparently, it may be possible that the colt is actually a buckskin! Happy's sire is a smokey black and has produced buckskins according to one source! What a neat surprise!