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    Rice Bran Supplements

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    Rice Bran Supplements

    Currently I am feeding Omelene 500 along with soaked beet pulp/alfalfa pellets, Soy Oil, and Platinum Performance vitamins. My hay is a very soft, blue-green eastern Oregon Orchard hay. The horses look good, other than short manes and tails from rubbing earlier in the year. However I am...
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    What in YOUR equine first aid kit?

    I am updating my first aid kit for the barn and I'm sure I'm missing a few things. Would you mind sharing a list of items in yours that are essential? What are your must haves? What have you learned over the years to have handy? Thanks!
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    Holy Horrible Haybellies!

    Knottymare-- Can you feed beet pulp? I feed it in the evenings, about 2-3 cups soaked, along with 2-4 cups of grain (depending on the horse). Mine dont get out much because of our boarding situation. They mares get two full days out a week on a drylot. The rest of the week, they just get out...
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    Rio is home!

    Kim, Hilary, Mark, Lisa, Helynn, Grandma Betty, and of course Ryder too are all amazing people! I enjoy the time I get to spend with them and the funny coversations we have. And they have some beautiful horses indeed!
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    Homemade grooming products and supplements

    Hey guys, I know we've done this in the past, but please refresh my memory with new and old ideas, suggestions, and great advice. I am looking for homemade grooming product ideas. In this economy, we are all trying to pinch pennies where we can I'm sure. Lets help eachother out. We moved...
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    Show makeup

    I agree with what LindaL said. I razor the muzzle and above the eyes first, then I put baby oil (a fair amount) on the razored areas, as well as a little all over the face. Use a good amount of baby oil GEL on the muzzle/eyes right before you enter the ring. It soaks in a little and they tend...
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    Rubbing manes and tails? Danderuff?

    This year has been awful for me as far as getting my horses to grow and keep full manes and tails. A few of them are consistently rubbing bald spots into their manes and the top of the tail head. Some even have a horrible case of danderuff. They are current on deworming and nothing else has...
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    Feeding Advice

    Hey guys, I know this has been discussed in the past, but I am curious in your personal opinions and advice. Who out there feed cinnamon to their horses? For what reasons do you feed it? What are the benefits? How much do you feed? I am also curious about flax seed, as Ive heard it helps...
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    Advice needed

    This isnt entirely horse related, so if it needs to be moved I understand. My boyfriend graduated from college with a degree in Fisheries Tech and just got called for an interview at a Hatchery near Sisters, Oregon. We currently live close to Portland, so IF he gets the job we would be moving...
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    Name suggestions please

    Hey guys, I need name suggestions for my filly. She's a bay with a couple socks and a blaze. Sire is THR Powerplay (BHR JCs Geshan X Establo Parada), dam is Sundance LB She's A Gem (Kewpies Diamond Gem Mystery X Van Lo Supreme Example). I want to use Luxury in her name somehow. Her barn name is...
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    On Cloud Nine :)

    Thanks for the compliments! Susanne, they won't all be here for awhile so you've got time
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    On Cloud Nine :)

    Have made a few changes around here...sold a few...added a few Would like to introduce the newest additions to MooreAcres, both show and breeding string -- I have been wanting a colt like this for some time now. Rock E, Captains Showman, and Kid Lee bred, black SPLASH and tobiano, standing...
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    What Are Your FaceBook Names?

    Erin Moore
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    LB Beach Drive 2011!

    Both haha! No I put in for the saturday and sunday of the beach drive weekend. He comes home early on a monday morning, so I have that monday thru thursday off. Better believe he aint leaving my sight for a few days LOL!
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    LB Beach Drive 2011!

    Leia is right, Travis is currently in Alaska. He'll be home bright and early on September 5th, only 54 more days, but who's counting LOL! I just put in for that saturday and sunday off
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    LB Beach Drive 2011!

    Maybe ill come by too, Chip could use the exposure
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    Introducing Chantilly Lace *Lacy*

    Well unless Miss Quinn grows drastically, Vicky and I won't be competing against eachother. But it will be fun to have all our youngsters out and have an extra set of hands to help.
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    Introducing Chantilly Lace *Lacy*

    I'm just as excited as Vicky. Its always fun to have friends at horse shows! Can't wait to introduce her to all my other horsie pals!
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    2011 Foals here at MooreAcres

    Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. I'm very pleased with both my kids. @ Susanne, I had one more coming, but I sold the mare so unfortunately she won't be foaling here. I plan on showing both of them along with my two 2 year olds next year. Very excited! Foaling season was VERY...