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    Question about Daily Dewormer....

    Hey guys, when you start a horse on daily dewormer, do you gradually work up to the right amount? Or start them off with the normal amount you will be using? Thanks! :saludando:
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    Welcome to the real world-------Joke

    Love it!!! :bgrin :bgrin thanks
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    Whos all going....

    I wanted to, but doesn't look like it's gonna work out for me. Is it inside? 'Cause I think pretty much all southern MO is in for nasty weather tonight & tomorrow. Take some pictures to share! :lol: Maybe next time I'll get to go...
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    Congratulations, she is beautiful :aktion033:
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    Upsetting that I sold

    :no: Poor little guy...I sure hope it goes well for you.
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    Manna Pro Safe Performance

    Who makes Safe Choice?? I'll have to look it up too...
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    Manna Pro Safe Performance

    Hey guys-- Does anyone feed Manna Pro Safe Performance? I'd like to know what you think of it, do the horses like it, etc...It is a "Controlled Starch Formula", no corn or molasses. Here's the website if you wanna take a look: Manna Pro Safe Performance Feed I am not currently feeding it to...
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    It´s a boy!

    I was excited to hear about this baby when Car called this morning I told my boy and he is one proud papa : Such a sweetie! I'm so glad he made it into the world okay :
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    Scales to Weigh Feed

    Hmmm well looks like I'll be starting my search at WalMart...thanks guys!
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    Scales to Weigh Feed

    Hey guys, for those of you that weigh your feed, is there a particular kind of scale that works best? Where did you get it and (if you don't mind) how much was it? I'd like to get one but I really don't know what I'm looking for. : Thanks! :saludando:
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    My new name is Doombah Dippenchunks

    Farcus HubbleHump :risa8: :o LoL!
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    Story of a 12 year old Prodegy

    WOW :new_shocked: That is awesome!
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    24 hour LIVE feed of Watering Hole in Africa

    I think the brighter it gets outside then the "whiter" the screen appears. Around 5 am Africa time someone gets on there and switches it from black & white to color, then you can see great :
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    24 hour LIVE feed of Watering Hole in Africa

    I saw three critters earlier that looked like black opossums, lol :lol: Don't know what they were. Last night I saw two lions, it was really cool! And I love listening to the birds as it starts getting light. I'm addicted already!
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    people living in San Antonio vs. Missouri??

    Well since no other Missourians have spoke up, I guess I will. I live in the Ozarks, about an hour from the Arkansas border. You'll notice the change in seasons more here than in Texas, as others have mentioned, but the winters are *normally* pretty mild. There is lots and lots of green, and in...
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    Need a laugh?

    I posted a long time ago about these worms I was seeing under the horse manure. I could not for the life of me figure out what the deal was, as I always stuck to a deworming schedule, did poop patrol daily, and the horses certainly did not look wormy. Well...get ready for this... : I finally...
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    Conformation Question...

    Can someone explain to me the significance of a horse's tail set? Be it high or low, does it really affect the horse in some way, or is it more of a cosmetic thing? What got me wondering was an article in one of my horse magazines. It was describing the appearance of a particular breed and...
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    I've been to the museum in Branson. Yes, the mounts are pretty...err..."un-natural" looking. But the rest of the museum was pretty neat. I especially liked the fancy saddles. Trigger was a beautiful horse and I think there is just no way a taxidermist could ever do him justice. I like to watch...
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    Just wanted to show off

    How cool!! :aktion033: