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  1. J

    WHOO HOO got my 100% this year! Secret Santa

    I'd like to thank MONA for the wonderful Secret Santa gift! She sent 2 beautiful coasters that are "imprinted" with the pic from the face page of our website that are just fabulous! She also sent a fragrant candle, thinsulate gloves (the kind i like!), and a bag of york peppermint patties...
  2. J

    WHOO HOO got my 100% this year! Secret Santa

    Chanda, please feel free to open your gift whenever you want to! I hope you enjoy the gifts! MERRY CHRISTMAS! jennifer
  3. J

    Your Favorite Snacks?

    Chocolate mustard comes in a jar, you do not make it. We usually get it through the national mustard museum in Middleton WI. Luckily my daughter knows I like it and I often get a jar for Christmas! jennifer
  4. J

    Your Favorite Snacks?

    Have any of you tried chocolate mustard? it is so yummy with pretsels dipped in it! jennifer
  5. J

    Secret Santa HINT THREAD!!!!

    I know I am late giving ideas, though I did give some when I signed up--I apologize to my secret santa. I am really not fussy at all but here are some ideas..... Foot warmers, Horse or Goat treats, Dog rawhides (made in USA), trail mix, Size mini LARGE hot pink halter, hot chocolate mixes...
  6. J

    CMHR $3 Mission of Thanks : Final items, huge thank you Pg. 19

    I'll add $20 to the pyramid! ok, next we need a $25! jennifer
  7. J

    Slow Cooker Recipes

    One of my favorites in Calico Beans. I make them thick rather than like a soup. i either take dry beans and soak awile ahead of time or cook them extra, or, i take about 10 cans of different type of beans, rinse, and throw in crockpot. add 1 lb browned ground beef with onions along side, 1 lb...
  8. J

    Crafts for Christmas

    Danielle, love the pattern you linked to! We are kinda crafty here at Pondlake Stables-ecspecially when the winter gets here and its too cold and snowy to work outside much. Cyndia sews and knits, I crochet, make earrings and jewelry, sew, do other misc projects, Kristalee is learning to...
  9. J

    Tomorrow night we'll get our first freeze so I had to harvest today

    Did you pick your green tomatos? if you cover them with newspaper they will ripen & turn red. You can also make green tomato jams from them as well as green fried tomatoes. jennifer
  10. J

    agr+ andis clipper vs double k vs agc andis

    there are 2 dffrent agr+ clipper. one is rcommended for vet use because they come with a car charger.....which one do you have? i have found them on amazon. andis doesn't have them in stock (andis is here in WI by us) long have you had your agr+??? any issues with the hed dying...
  11. J

    agr+ andis clipper vs double k vs agc andis

    just wondering if anyone has used the agr+ clippers from ands? they are a cordlesss (cord pack is a buying option). i see from past posts people like the corded andis for the AGR+ are only from dog groomers and personal use. hoping someone has tried them out with minis...even...
  12. J

    Kindle Owners ?

    I got my kindle from my kids as a gift Christmas 2010 so it was the one for $139. I absolutely love it! its for reading but i guess it does audio books too. have not gotten that far. i absolutely love mine and its perfect for what i wanted. i love the contrast which helps my eyes in reading...
  13. J


    ASHMOOSELMJ sends a HUGE thank you to her secret santa for the gifts! however, we have no computer at hOme anymore so she asked me to post her thank you on here for her. Ashley does not know who her secret santa was as there was no card and not a forum name or "real" name enclosed or she'd...
  14. J


    71 for tuesday. jennifer
  15. J


    38 for monday. jennifer
  16. J

    Feed question

    hawks_eye_minis, you may want to switch to the equine vets in Lodi. they are very knowledgeable about minis and are very good to work with. jennifer
  17. J

    Sales tax on boarding??

    I have several friends here in Wisconsin who board and some are charged tax and others are not. It probably depends on if they are doing it as a business or a hobby. jennifer
  18. J


    I got my secret santa gift on wednesday from sprwildrose and had to open it that evening-that's all i could last! She gave me a BEAUTIFUL horse pillow, calendar, ornament, card, and candy cane! i appreciate it all so much and will truely use all the items! it got me into the holiday spirit-i...
  19. J

    CMHR $3 Mission: Ozark Dec. Donation PG. 29

    Mine is a little late but I just made my contribution in remembrence of my beloved gelding, CJ, whom I just lost 2 1/2 weeks ago. justjinx
  20. J

    Fading coats,manes and tails.

    We keep our show horses in during the day and out at night to help keep their coats from getting sunburn. you can also thin the mane on the side of the bleaching and flip it to the otherside for showing. jennifer