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    My Results from Central Point AMHR Show

    Congrats Rob. Do you have updated pics to share? I think the last pics I remember seeing were when you first got him home and he was fuzzy... that's if I'm remembering the correct horse... :-) Anyways, a huge congrats! Ginny Long
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    DREAMS to do come true!

    Chandler.... congrats! Neon looks awesome in the photos and didn't you two win Champion Amateur Senior Stallion too? That's what I heard... :-) Congrats again on sticking with your dreams... :-) Ginny Long
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    Introducing my new filly :))

    She is to die for! Congrats! Ginny Long
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    Look at my new MOVING machine.....

    Wow he is something else! I can't beleive he's only 33"... he comes across looking like a 37 or 38 incher! Congrats! Ginny Long
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    Snowcap Appaloosa

    Here are a couple of ours.... Bad Bad (by Goldstrike) and a filly from this year that we are keeping named CCMF Carousel Princess (by Legacy). Princess is going to her first show this weekend... :-) Ginny Long
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    What color is this colt - continued...

    Runamuk... there is a breeder near us that has been breeding miniatures for over 50 years and when they don't know what color to call a horse they register it as - you guessed it - DUN!.... Ginny Long
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    What color is this colt - continued...

    Hi Jennifer.... that filly does sort of look his color although he has more yellow in his tan than she does. I wonder what color she will shed out next year. Bad Bad as a yearling shed out a bright red color on his body but because I thought he was sorrel and that's what I expected him to do I...
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    What color is this colt - continued...

    We have owned alot of silver bays and although they might look sort of "similar" to this when they are body clipped, I have never seen one this diluted color in their natural coat. Silver bays that I have seen have a nickel color to them when first clipped and Bad Bad has a tan/yellow color to...
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    What color is this colt - continued...

    I just re-read the posts and saw where Sunquest said it was hard to tell his color since he is clipped, but that's just it.... Look at his neck in the second picture and you can see the longer hair... he is not clipped. He is in his natural summer coat and nothing on him has been clipped. The...
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    How many horses will be there??

    Sunny you are correct it is top 5 that qualify but only at the Championship Show classes. If you don't go to the Championship show then you have to get a certain number of points. For example, a two year old stallion has to have 6 points to be able to show in open halter. You get one point...
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    How many horses will be there??

    Yes Belinda it was Mark Bullington. He posted the number of horses that were at each show. I honestly thought he said the same number of horses at each, but my memory isn't what it used to be so I could be way wrong... LOL. Ginny Long
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    How many horses will be there??

    Who is the fellow that announced the Nationals last year? He had the numbers and posted them not too long after both shows were complete. If I remember correctly he said the number of horses at both shows was approximately the same but that AMHR had way more class entries meaning that the...
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    What color is this colt - continued...

    Well it will be interesting to see what the color results come back as. We have owned and bred palominos, buckskins and silver bays but none of them looked the same as Bad Bad so who knows... LOL. Beth... Bad Bad is only a yearling now at 27" (he's actually15 months) so he will probably mature...
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    AMHA World Show/AMHR Nationals

    We go to the AMHA World Show mainly because ever since we have been in minis our market has been mostly AMHA horses so that's where we show. However we love the taller horses too which are only allowed in AMHR and if the AMHR horse demand for us ever becomes as high as the AMHA demand is for...
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    Sad New for us...

    I am so sorry for you... :-( We have had that happen where the hormones don't let go and the mares go through changes as though they are still bred. It is very frustrating. Are you going to try to re-breed her for next year? Take care, Ginny Long
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    What color is this colt - continued...

    Hey Everyone, Well we filled out the form for coat color testing and pulled the mane hairs so we will know officially soon. But in the meantime wanted your opinions. Here are new pics of Bad Bad taken just today. We registered him as a sorrel appaloosa with both AMHA and AMHR and in the...
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    LIke father, like daughter....

    Congrats! That is so exciting!!! I have always admired your beautiful horses and it is no surprise they did so well... :-) Ginny Long
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    What color is this colt?

    Dad is a palomino appaloosa and mom is a black and white appaloosa. What color does he look? We have gone back and forth on his color. Haven't had him tested yet. He has alot of red hairs in his coat. Let me know what you think. All opinions would be appreciated. Thanks! Ginny
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    Not just a good news Friday, we need A

    Our good news is that our last foal of the season was born healthy on Friday morning (which is technically the beginning of the weekend. And also Alliance Piano Man, our weanling leopard colt that we bought from Alliance is being picked up this weekend for the ride home to Florida. Yippee...
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    Gotta a good ole kick in the gut!!!!!!!

    Carolyn, That is just ridiculous that they said that to you. Some people just love being rude and hurtful... it's a big shame. Glad everything worked out even better for you in the long run... :-) Ginny Long