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    Your Drive Day

    I would highly recommend a side check rather than an overcheck to help prevent 'diving' for grass. It is a kinder method of checking. It's all I ever used( and that only because a check is 'required' in the miniature horse driving ring--and I also in my years of training and showing my own...
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    PVC Training Cart Ideas

    I second BSharp Ranch's suggestion to contact the ADCS; you want a horse to have good solid 'all-around' training for driving; strictly show horse trainers aren't necessarily the best choice for that. As for the travois as a training tool....I built two based on the instructions in Doris...
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    Thanksgiving Plans????

    I haven't roasted a Thanksgiving turkey in a number of years, but when I was, the giblets were ALWAYS in a bag inside the cavity of the turkey itself!(Found that out the first time I was the one to cook the turkey....AFTER it was cooked!! lol! (in my family, the stuffing was never put into the...
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    stall size

    Where does this so-called 'rule of thumb' originate? I've certainly never heard of this, in 70 years of horse-keeping. I would consider 6' x 6' totally inadequate; don't like even 8'x 8', which I know many use, unless there is absolutely no other choice and the horse will never be confined there...
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    Summer Shave Downs

    I would not be at all surprised if your first horse, the minimal pinto, is in truth a grey pinto. One clue is how 'roany' the 'color' on his head is; roans have the 'full color'...bay, black, etc....on their head and lower legs(sans white leg markings) pretty universally, and that doesn't change...
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    What do you put your hay in for your mini?

    I have used slow-feed hay nets since the idea first appeared online from the Swedish Hoof school! Have had the greatest satisfaction for my minis using Freedom Feeder nets, a soft, knot-free type. I placed eye bolts on the sides near the bottom of oval 'tub' type feeders, use carbiners to snap...
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    Teeth problems

    It is really best not to 'assume' anything about a miniature horse's teeth. As a very long time miniature owner, self-trainer and breed exhibitor, and one-time breeder, I'd highly recommend starting to have your miniature horses' teeth CHECKED starting at around one year, and again every 6 mos...
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    Foal over at the knees

    I don't see 'over at the knees' in this foal. Little 'knobby' knees,yes... and some toeing-out...frequently seen in very young foals, esp. miniature horses. He looks healthy; just give him safe room to move about freely, and keep a close eye on his hooves; a lot of miniature foals, in my...
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    Is there something missing from this cart?

    After a close look at the photos, I am quite certain that this cart is for a full-sized horse and has had the wheels replaced and the shafts cut down to make it appear to be suitable for a smaller equine. I have owned BOTH sizes in the type(appear to be from the 'original' Frontier Trading Co...
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    Anyone seen this video of the Boomer Schooner?

    I have viewed the video a number of times, have come to believe that, while the driving was TOTALLY inadequate, the vehicle lacked any sort of device(fifth wheel, or the like) that would allow the front axle to pivot. Result: that the only way to 'turn' the rig w/o overturning would have been in...
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    Cart shafts popping up

    Hi. LONG time member here; just haven't been over here much in quite a while. Driving since 1985; always trained my own, as I've done with my riding horses since I was age 14, so MANY years! You are correct; what is pictured is the girth(the proper term) and the overgirth(the proper term). Wrap...
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    Remember the grief this woman gave people here?

    I certainly remember this creature; she was trouble with a capital T in every way. VERY sad, but not to me surprising, that she showed her true colors in this horrible way.....Hoping against hope that she receives some genuine punishment for this outright abuse and extreme cruelty!
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    Your Drive Day

    You will be happy to know, it is MADE in Canada....I believe Patty is near Edmonton. I can verify that all their products....carts, harness...are of high quality and backed by deep knowledge.
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    Show Carts - Recommendations

    I suspect a good used Jerald by the original Jerald might run more than quoted, but they are considered the 'gold standard', I'd say. I would highly recommend the 'wingback' seat as opposed to the flat cushion. I've had both, and the wingback is MUCH more attractive and comfortable, in my...
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    Fitting a Comfyfit Deep V

    Sorry to be a bit late in replying on this thread ; I don't check in here as often as I once did. I have enlarged and been carefully studying your photo, Major Clementine, and since you asked for opinions, I will offer mine. I can see what you mean about the difficulty in properly positioning...
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    This bit, that bit, which bit??

    Marsha, I know nothing about leather bits, but it doesn't seem to me that such would last long. I have one, a simple mullen mouth, but don't recall where I got it...maybe from some friends who got out of showing minis years ago. I expect you should be able to find them in any serious supplier's...
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    This bit, that bit, which bit??

    An overcheck is rightfully supposed to be connected to a check bit...a very small, separate bit. They are available in mini size. Thus, there is no reason to try to connect one to the headstall loops on a Myler.
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    New horse

    Just now saw this thread. Clearly the mare is looking noticably better, good for you! I would suggest being pretty cautious about how long she has access to the kind of rich green grass I saw in the photo of her 'grazing in the yard',I think it was? Rich green spring grass can be a real risk...
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    Need help with products(Treating mare with ulcers)

    I agree 100% with sfmini. I am afraid lots of 'show horse' people don't want to hear 'feed them pretty much all the roughage(suitable hay, meaning mostly a decent quality grass hay),they will eat', having deathly fear of the horse getting a 'hay belly'...but it IS what a horse evolved and is...
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    New Horse

    I am one who would disagree on the overcheck; I have and do occasionally use a sidecheck; mostly if needed to help prevent grabbing for grass. After extensive study into some of the techniques of successful 'big horse' trainers, training for a 'complete' driving horse(as opposed to a breed show...