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    Bull question

    no bull is too nice for the hamburger truck.
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    herbs are not safe for the most part. many can cause contractions. I did have a boss that was pretty understanding if and when I needed to leave (she had a friend with the same issue and has had kids so gets it). However the one that is taking over is as understanding.
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    Very limited on what I can take in. Pretty sure that wouldn't be allowed
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    I ended up going to the ER for this issue. I was not thrilled with the meds they gave me after researching them. Went for follow up appointment last week. Turns out there isnt anything I can really take other then the ER med which I refuse. Looks like all further migraines will be suffered...
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    Anybody have any natural tips on helping reduce them? I am currently 4 months pregnant and the last 2-3 week have had little give. Finally last night after day three of the current one I got a prescript to help. It's not totally gone as I only took two doses of the med being it's a narcotic and...
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    I can't even begin to title this

    I agree get to a counselor. Never be to proud or ashamed to do so. They can help and you should/need to feel the way you do.
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    missing members

    Just in general. People started to take things to personally and discussions couldn't be had with out people losing it. Resulting in rule changes and what not. Rigid environment and people stop wanting to post to risk "offending" somebody.
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    missing members

    I think the overall change of the forums makes the oldies lurk more, but they seem to all be here.
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    Itchy Dog

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    Itchy Dog

    Could be a food allergy. Grain based dog food is pretty much bottom doller food. Also oatmeal baths leaving it on the skin for 5-10 is what our vet recommonded for our allergy dog.
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    Cross roads

    I agree you will never completely lose it. I got out of horses about 3.5 years ago when I didnt have a choice. Today I still do not have any. I wish I did as they are my own personal therapy. However I know that where I am at in live now, 31, trying to grow my family, just starting in my...
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    Adding a Second Dog?

    If the dog has no issues, then no. However if it has issues it could get expensive. We have two small dogs and spend almost 150 on their dog food each time (about every other month) alone.
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    can a 2 year old filly breed?

    yearling colts can breed too, so if she was running with them it could be any time.
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    This says it all.
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    . Why would there need to be separate laws? Using children as an excuse doesn't work. Look at the research.
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    Look up the research. There is more info on the positives to same sex parenting, and it even edges a bit over man/women parenting. I don't think the right to marry should be anybody's decision, it should have never been an issue. I also don't see an issue to multi wives/husbands if that is what...
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    Finally its legal in all states, as it should be!
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    Dream books?

    Anybody know of any good dream analysis books?
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    chimney fire

    We clean our fireplace every year. My mom has a pellet stove and cleans hers several times a year.
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    My ladybugg turned 20 today!

    I think dogs that have a "job" see to live longer. Our pet dog just passed at about 12.5. Now my aunt had a working GP that lived to be 18 or so before she went in her sleep. This dog was a working farm dog. She had lots of animals to protect as well as land. She had the the dog food she...